Aug 15, 2012

New Living Room/Office Reveal!

Well, I thought it was about time to share a few rooms of our new house with y'all.  I'm happy to report that we're unpacked, rearranged, and semi-decorated.  While I have several future projects up my sleeve, it's looking lived-in and loved so it's worth a share. you get to see our living room/office combo - we did this because it was such a HUGE room and needed a little division in purpose.  Here is the stark before shot (looking in from the entry-way):

See what I mean about needing to define space?  It's wonderfully vast, which is a mega-challenge without expensive area rugs to do the space-defining job.

Here is a much more colorful (but still white-walled) after shot - we'll break it down some more with detailed photos in a moment...

If you don't already know - I LOVE color - so it's definitely there.  I was hoping to venture out of my "red" obsession a bit, but after I went through all my things I realized I have a lot of red because I love it and there is no sense in purging it from my decor.  (not to mention, a new color scheme would cost much more...)  I added quite a bit more yellow, my all-time favorite color, because it makes me happy and looks so fab with my new gray sofa.

For the office space, we brought in an old IKEA rug, my refinished mirror {see the paint job here}, our old desk that sat in the garage of our last house, a bookshelf, and our transformed floor lamp {see transformation here}.  The rug is crazy colorful, but it truly makes the space.  Without it, it's just a desk pushed up against a wall.

I think all the color is fun and inspiring.  It definitely gets the creative juices flowing, which is good in this line of work. :)  And, honestly, the white walls are sort of nice as they ground all the bright colors.

For the living room area, I brought in our oversized clock and repainted wall-hangings that we didn't use in the last house.  I needed large-scaled items to hang on the wall, so they would absorb some of the space on the massive white walls.  Most everything else we had in our old living room {see photo here}.

 (ok, the "moo cow" bouncee thing is new...but not really "furniture" per say)

Oh, I did get two new items to add to the space - the lovely Rubber Tree {see detailed post here} and my gorgeous Pier1 rattan/wood accent chair that I found on clearance yesterday...check her out below at left.

Isn't she a nice (yellow!) addition to the room?  It was tough to find a chair with the same scale and lines as our upholstered accent chair - there aren't many comfy, armless, low chairs out there.  Now they're the perfect pair, huh???

Here is a closer shot of my wall art - it's big, it's graphic, it's red, it's bold - I love it!  And, the rubber tree is so perfect for that corner.

So there you have for future projects:

1) I'd still like to find a window covering solution for this room.  I'm not certain if I should do a valance, a cornice, drapes...any suggestions?  The room is super tall so drapes would cost a fortune.  And, I definitely don't want to block any light coming in my lovely big window.

2) I'd also like to eventually find an area rug for the living space, but for some reason picking out area rugs scares me.  I love pattern but since a rug is so big, I'm afraid a pattern would totally overwhelm the already colorful space.  Oh, and did I mention that they're SUPER EXPENSIVE.  It's like a major investment so I'm taking it slow...I'm going to have to completely adore it.

Other than the window treatments and area rug, I think this living room/office combo is just about done.  At least for now...

Thanks for checking it out.  I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions, so please do leave a note!


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