Aug 13, 2012

Fall Fashion Preview: Autumn-Hued Accessories

Fall is in the air...ALREADY!  For example, I ran in to an Eddie Bauer store last week (in a tank top and shorts, might I add) and they were selling full-on jackets, sweaters, and blazers.  It made me sweat a little just to see them...  When I walked back outside I continued to sweat, but that's because it was 95 degrees and humid outside.  Bottomline, unless you live in Antarctica, you have a little bit of time to scout your Autumn-appropriate wardrobe.  Sarcasm aside, I do love Fall fashion!  I'm not certain if it's the earthy skin-flattering tones or the joy of getting my boots out of storage that make me love it so's simply my favorite time of year for fashion.  Anyone else agree?!?

Here are some super cute accessories I've recently pinned on Pinterest, which should help us all get in the Fall fashion spirit - or at least help prepare us for the cooler days ahead.  (Yippee!)

1. Zara Tote Bag with Pocket ($49) - Zara // 2. Clarks Artisan Neeve Ella Boots ($260) - Eddie Bauer // 3. Reade Street Tote ($198) - IIIBeCa // 4. Ikat Saturation Loop ($38) - Anthropologie // 5. Military Style Blazer ($50) - Mango // 6. Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel ($198) - J.Crew // 7. Sperry Seaborn Wedge Slip-On Shoes ($130) - Eddie Bauer // 8. Mitchell Bag ($398) - Dooney&Bourke // 9. Chooka Top Solid Wellies ($75) - Eddie Bauer

The saturated colors make me want to frolic in a huge pile of autumn leaves (as long as I'm not the one raking them...).  Are you feeling the rich textures, cozy fabrics, and saturated hues?  What are your favorite Fall fashion items?  This year for me it's my tall brown suede boots and dark teal skinny jeans.  With summer temperatures like we have in Boston, it could be months before I get to debut them.  Oh well, til' then I guess I'll make the most of my brightly-colored Summer digs!


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