Aug 9, 2012

Rubber Tree Trumps Fiddle Leaf Fig...

True confessions.  I'm a Rubber Tree convert.  Last week I gushed over how much I adore the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree {read here}.  And, I do still love them....but, I went to the nursery last week and was struck by the beauty and fullness of the Rubber Tree so I opted to buy that for our living room instead.  The Fiddle Leaf is somewhat sculptural but admittedly a little scant on "leaf count" when compared to a lush rubber plant. (at least for the size of tree I could afford wanted)

Here is a good comparison...based on the two trees I saw.

See how there are a lot more leaves and a thicker trunk on the rubber tree?  My goal was to fill a substantial amount of visual space in our large living room so the rubber tree won out.  Keep in mind - there are some gorgeously full (and expensive) Fiddle Leaf Figs out there.  Just not in the plans for our budget savvy living room.

So here's how my relatively easy tree planting experience played out...

First, I found a great inspiration basket at Home Goods to hold my "green-thumb experiment".

Next, I purchased the rubber tree, a pot, a liner, and some potting soil at the nursery.

Then, I transplanted her into the larger pot and gave her a drink.

Finally, put her in the basket and moved her into the living room.

She's a bute, huh?  I like how it fills the corner and draws the eye up a bit to take up some visual space on the top half of the room.  You'll see what I mean about filling the visual space soon.  I'm saving the whole-room reveal just a little longer - until I get a chance to take some good pictures.

What do you think?  Do you like my pick?  I'll be taking bets on how long I can keep her lush, green...and alive.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates this my first "grand tree"? Shall we name her Fiona or just Figgy? She's lovely! :) mom

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