Jun 27, 2013

South by Southwest Lounge

Do you ever surprise yourself by loving something that you'd think you'd hate?  For example, when you ask me what my least favorite decorating style would be, I'd probably say southwestern.  And, when I say southwestern I'm thinking pure 80s southwestern, i.e. coyotes, wagon wheels, and dream catchers...

Well, today I happened upon a totally "southwestern" decor item that I'm completely smitten with.

This pillow is from One Kings Lane, and I may even buy it because I think it would be a fun addition to our living room or guest room.  I can't even explain why I like it, other than saying it's colorful, graphic...and besides that, totally un-me!

I even designed a room around this pillow - yes, that's right folks, an entire room I've decided to dub my South by Southwest Lounge.  The even more surprising thing to me was that every single item on here I had already pinned to my "Decor Items/Ideas I Adore" Pinterest board found {here}.

Random, huh?  Who knew that I had a little bit of southwest in me??  I'm shocked, but I can't help but really love this room.  It would make the perfect classy mancave or study.  (Or, smoking lounge if such a beast still existed...)

So again, I ask, do you ever surprise yourself by liking something you'd think you'd hate?  Any design styles, or colors, or trends??  I can't be the only one...  Do share!

Jun 25, 2013

A Gray and Yellow Wedding

My cousin is getting married this summer and I'm tickled pink to know that her colors are yellow and gray!  The mutual color love must be in the genes or something...exquisite taste runs deep in our veins.

We received the invite the other day and the very moment I opened it, I fell in love with the design of the stationary and it made me all the more excited to see the event unfold.  Check out this gorgeous little package of yellow, ivory, and gray perfection - tied with baking twine and all!

I'm not certain who designed the invite, but I'll be knocking on their door for any stationary design needs I may have in the future.  I can't have you guys showin' up, so I won't provide all the details, but I must indulge you in a few more pieces of the pretty!

I've never seen the cute little meal choice icons on an invite before...they're ADORABLE.  I'll be having the cow (I mean "beef"), thank you very much!!

This print on the front side of the map page deserves to be on a pillow or wallpaper somewhere in my home - yes please!

I'm crossing my fingers that they have these very paper straws at the reception, because I'm pretty sure they're a match made in heaven for this yellow and gray theme.

I was privileged to get a sneak peak of the wedding dress a few weeks ago.  Let's just say that it's simple, elegant, and it has POCKETS!  How cool is that??  It's a little bit like this one...

And, it's making me wish I was a bridal stylist and event planner.  Maybe some day.  Right now, I'm just trying to convince my cousin to opt for yellow shoes under her dress.  A pop of fun that is hidden away and adds that cheeky dose of whimsy.

We'll certainly be there with bells on! (and yellow on too, of course...)

Jun 21, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal - Patio String Lights

Both strands of string lights are equally as cool for lighting up a warm summer night, both have 24 bulbs, and both happen to be on sale, but there is quite a differentiation in price!

via Restoration Hardware                                                             via Ballard Designs

Which strand would you go for?  And, where would you hang them?  

Here are some hanging ideas to inspire you...

I think string lights would also be really cool hung in a cluster like a make-shift stringy chandelier...or, perhaps piled on a table as a glowing centerpiece.  Endless options for an endless summer!

Do you have any other fun string light ideas to share with us?  Happy summer nights!!

Jun 19, 2013

Clear the Clutter - The Bread Bin Solution

Anyone else hate counter clutter?  You know, the stuff that always gravitates toward your kitchen counters...typically, it's appliances, dishes, snack containers, overflow from the pantry, etc. that are the culprits.

Well, we were starting to get the case of too much counter clutter...and I don't want to blame it on our new paleo habit, but it kinda started as soon as we started snacking on dried fruits and nuts, instead of processed snacks with bulkier pantry-sized packaging.  So, my hunt for a counter-friendly solution began!  And, we ended up with a sleek looking bread bin that stashes all of our more paleo-friendly snacks...

It's sort of like a garage for our snack stash.  Every caveman wishes they had one!

(the "Paleo"way of eating models what hunter/gatherers would eat - like meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts; you avoid all processed foods, added sugars, dairy, and wheat/gluten products)

Isn't she sleek and pretty on the exterior?  I found her at West Elm - they're available in-store only.  Now, look what she's hiding on the inside...

It's an oxymoron that it's called a "bread bin" when we can't eat bread...but it serves a fine purpose keeping the snack clutter at bay.  (Don't tell the strict paleo's that we eat dark chocolate occasionally...shhhhhh, only on Sundays)

And, you can see that our counters are looking a little less haphazard!  Yay to that!!

(note: the toaster has since been removed as it no longer serves a purpose...I miss waffles)

Here are a few other well-rated and pretty bread bins/boxes that I found while on the hunt...in my caveman skirt. (ok, not really)

Sources: 1. Zuccor Genoa Brushed Stainless Steel Bread Box, red cover ($35) - Amazon // 2. Polder Retro Bread Box/Bin, white ($30) - Amazon // 3. Zuccor Napoli Stainless Steel Bread Box ($40) - Amazon // 4. Enamelware Decorative Bread Box ($70) - Amazon // 5. Bliss Home Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen Bread Bin, black ($125) - Amazon // 6. Roll-Top White Bread Box ($56) - Organize-It // 7. Wesco Grandy Bread/Storage Box, silver ($100) - Amazon

Any one else have a bread bin on their kitchen counter?  What clutter sins do you use it to cover?  Which of the bread bins/boxes above would go best in your kitchen?  Happy hiding!

Jun 17, 2013

Big-Girl Room Reveal

Remember this inspiration board for my little one's big-girl space?  

Well, we finally got her big-girl bed from Ikea, which officially makes her space a big-girl room!  No more nursery for us (tear falling down my cheek).

Here is the grand reveal of her space...

And now, the detail shots...

Turned out pretty cute, huh??  The sources for most of the items in her room can be found in the above inspiration board post {here} or her nursery reveal post {here}.  (For any other items that are not sourced, just drop me a line in the comments below or email me at inspired.whims@gmail.com)

And, because I love you all, here are the links for the easy-peasy DIY instructions for making the Triangle Confetti Garland and the Capiz Shell Chandelier.

Do you like the big-girl room?  Which part is your favorite??  Do tell!

Jun 12, 2013

A Dash of Red Decor - Like Lipstick for the Soul

Red is one of those colors that really enlivens a space.  Red is like lipstick for the soul, because it provides visual drama, passion, intrigue, and a tad bid of audacity.  Add red to any room and it immediately demands your attention.  See how it adds a visual exclamation point to these lovely spaces below?

This room is the epitome of modern elegance, and it wouldn't sing like it does if it weren't for the red accents...

This kid room is adorable - it has a lot going on, but in such a classy and well-curated way...

Red, pink, magenta, oh my!  This dining room is all neutral, albeit for those exquisite chairs...

This room has so much going for it, but the red in the rug really makes my heart fall in love...

A casual family dining space is perfected by the addition of a vintage red high chair...

These bunk beds are a feat of design ingenuity...and would be a feat and a half to make. (but I'd still take 'em)

Dog paintings aren't necessarily my thing, but this one does wonders for this room...

This is my dream formal living room - oh floors, oh mix of pieces, oh colors, oh art, oh flowers...

My dream kitchen showed up too...how nice!  Barely a touch of red, but my how the red makes it all the more dreamy...

Never in all my years would I have thought to do red on a ceiling, but it seems to make every object in the room blush in a beautiful way.  I'm warming up to it very quickly...

Do any of these spaces grab your attention and leave you wanting some more??  Red is my second favorite color - following closely behind my beloved front runner, yellow.  I've used it as an accent color throughout our home.

So, you may be asking, how can I tastefully add some red into to my home? Here are 3 of my favorite recent finds that might just add the perfect dash of red to your space.  I'd like at least one of each...

Flowers Print ($21) by Becca Stadtlander

Gila Euro Sham ($58) from Anthropologie

Euro Saarinen Style Tulip Stool ($98) from InStyle Modern

What do you think of using red accents to liven up home decor?  Is it a design trend you practice in your own home?

Jun 10, 2013

To Work or to Lounge? That is the Question...

The other day I came across this fun office/lounge room designed by Carrier and Company and fell in love with it immediately.  There are so many things that draw me to the space - the deep gray of the walls, all the colorful accents, the bookshelf wallpaper, the woven daybed, the hanging bubble chair, the black casement windows...I could go on and on.

Isn't it lovely?  As much as I'd love my office space to look like this, I think I would find it hard to get any work done.  I would just want to curl up on that daybed and read a good book!  How about you??
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