Jan 31, 2014

Awesome Art Print Books

Just wanted to share a little gem of an art find...  Have you guys seen The Custom Art Collection books curated by Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home blog??

There are three books: Art for the Contemporary Home, Art for the Traditional Home, and Art for the Eclectic Home.  Each one is filled with 40 art prints by uber talented artists that you simply tear out (nice clean perforated edges on heavy card stock paper) and place into an 8x10 frame.

It was hard for me to pick which book I wanted to order because each collection appeared to have some really beautiful prints but the art on the cover of Art for the Contemporary Home totally swayed me.

I LOVE the print in the bottom right-hand corner (by Ashley Mills).  It's called "Colorado Sky" and it truly does look exactly like a Colorado sky at sunset.  Colorado is near and dear to our hearts for many reasons, so the artwork had me at hello.

When I received my book it was super hard to pick out which prints I wanted to hang because I was drawn to so many of them.  I settled on a few that looked great together and set the others aside to rotate through when I feel like seeing some new art on the walls.

 Top: "Origami 29" by Robert Scozzari / Bottom: "Colored Mountain" by Sarah B. Martinez

 "Navajo Inspired Arrows" by Stephanie Sliwinski

They definitely added some pizzazz to my office space and they make me smile when I see them - which for me is the true test of art.

Each book contains a write-up on the featured artists so you know whose art you're hanging up in your home.  Love that!

Isn't it amazing that you can get 40 prints for just $17?  It's hard to find one art print for that price!!  What a wonderful way to be introduced to so many great artists.

Jan 29, 2014

Try ' Em On! Warby Parker Sunglass + Eyeglass Frames

Here comes the sun!  Spring and sunglass season is quickly approaching...hooray!!

Last week I was introduced to the stylish and totally affordable Warby Parker sunglass and eyeglass frame company.  Being a a self-proclaimed Ray-Ban aficionado for many years, at first I was a little skeptical of the new-to-me brand.  But then, I visited their website and got very excited to try something new.  Here's why...

1) They have super cute eyeglass frame and sunglass options - most of which are only $95 - that you can "virtual try-on" just by downloading a pic or posing in front of your webcam.  This is critical as it allows you to visualize how the shape of the glasses will fit with the shape of your face.  Here's how the "virtual try-on" worked for the sunglasses I selected (no mugshot jokes, y'all!):

2) All of their sunglasses have polarized lenses which are an absolute must in eye protection from glare and the sun's rays, especially for the daughter of an eye-guy (my dad has worked in opthalmic medical sales almost my entire life).

3) Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made.  They work with nonprofit partners worldwide to help people see.  Love this!!

4) And, last but not least, they offer a free and ultra convenient Home Try-On program.  You pick out up to 5 pairs of frames or sunglasses, they ship them to you for free in a nifty box, you have 5 days to try them on and decide which pair you like best, order your favorite pair if you found a keeper, then pack up your home try-on frames and ship them back for free.  How could I resist?

Now for the most fun part!  Which 5 pairs did I select for Home Try-On, you ask?

These lovelies (in the same order as my "virtual try-on" above):

Boyd in Marbled Charcoal (my wildcard pick!)

I'm very excited to receive them in the mail and give them a whirl.  Which of my picks do you like best?  

Of note, the fresh and chic Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection can be found {here}.  

And, their limited edition Palm Canyon Collection can be found {here}.

I'll be sure report back and let you know how my Home Try-On goes!  See any you'd liked to try?
(please note: This was NOT a sponsored post - I am in no way being reimbursed for my comments.  As always, I'll be sure to give you 100% honest feedback about my experience with the Warby Parker brand.)

Jan 27, 2014

Get the Look : Spring Fling Dining Space

Anyone else ready for Spring??  After all this frigid gray weather we've had in Boston this Winter, I sure am!  I saw this pretty dining space on Glitter Guide the other day (the room is actually an office space for Firefly Events in Nashville!) and I was inspired to source the items for you so we know how to recreate the light and pretty Spring-y look ourselves.

Seeing a little pink in a room is like putting on rose-colored glasses and seeing the world in a new (much warmer) light, huh?

Now, here's how you can get the look!

This room also makes me think of upcoming Valentine's Day.  Wouldn't this be a lovely spot for a candlelight dinner for two?

Jan 24, 2014

My Current Ebay Crush

Sometimes I come across the most beautiful vintage pieces on Ebay...furniture finds that dreams are made of. You can find some amazing prices on Ebay and it can turn into quite a deal if you can avoid shipping costs (i.e. find something local, or at least within do-able road trip distance).

Here is my current Ebay vintage furniture obsession - a pair of midcentury modern woven leather and chrome sled chairs by Ward Bennett circa 1960s.

{Oh that mix of chrome and leather - swoon!}

They are in FANTASTIC condition and on sale because of a moving sale for $716 (for the pair!).  I know...still steep, but almost not steep enough to be completely out of the question, especially since they're within do-able road trip distance for me.  Pretty sure I could bring them to Boston and sell them for almost twice as much, too. I'll try to keep my glimmer of hope alive.

Don't worry, they're not even close to falling within my budget so if you can swing it please DO because they'd be simply divine as side chairs in a living room or as dining chairs.  I'd be jealous for a bit but then I'd just pat you on the back for acquiring such a score.  Happy weekend!

Jan 23, 2014

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

I came across what I'm calling the "ultimate bachelor pad" on Houzz the other day and just had to share the uber cool place with you.  It's the perfect combination of industrial, vintage, and modern design in a converted old auto repair shop in Amsterdam.  The designer (and homeowner), James van der Velden, had an awesome vision to put this place together.  Now, check it out!

The atrium is the main source of natural light in the home.  It provides such a great focal point in the middle of the space, and who wouldn't love the black casement windows?  Here's the outer (but still enclosed) area of the atrium, where the homeowner grows his kitchen herbs.

Next up, we have the living space.  The room screams crazy eclectic well-traveled cool.

Check out the railway station clock that hangs from the ceiling and that well-worn vintage leather chair?  I'll take one of each, please!

On to the kitchen space, which is dominated by the most awesome industrial pendant lights I've ever seen, and a pretty hip wood and metal table crafted by the homeowner.

(Don't you love the army man on the kitchen shelf?)

Did you happen to spot the garage straight past the kitchen?  It's exposed in all it's glory to the rest of the house...separated from the kitchen by yet another set of the coolest casement windows ever.

Now that we're beyond excited and can almost smell the exhaust from the garage (why that's cool, I'm not sure...but it is), on to the bedrooms and bath.  First the master with it's leather and metal pipe headboard. Doesn't that just sound manly?

If that wasn't masculine enough {insert grunt here}, check out what is featured on the top of the built-in bookshelves...

Even though this place oozes man musk, I'm totally diggin' it as a space for a family too.  I think because it's put together so well.  The black doors with the pull-down shades...nicely done, my friend.  Now for the guest room and it's rustic pallet bed and lockers with the perfect green patina.

And, finally, this bath's shower door perfectly pulls together the theme of the black casement windows in the atrium and the garage.

How about that vanity?  It was crafted from an old workshop bench, of course.

What do you think of the space?  Is it just me, or is it kind of nice to see a house without a single gold or brass accent?  The mixed metals are still there, but in bronze and zinc and iron - perhaps we'll see a little more of that in design this year (and a little less of the gold, perhaps?).

Jan 20, 2014

The Reveal! Little Girl Closet to Play-Space Conversion

Well, here it is!  The grand reveal of the pretty pretty princess playroom...for those who love some alliteration :o) Recently we transformed our daughter's walk-in closet into a play-space and it's become quite the gathering place for whimsical little girl fun.


View as you walk in with the closet curtains shut.  So much prettier than a closet door, right?!

And, voila!  With the curtains open...step into Wonderland, friends.

We have dress-up hooks and a mirror at toddler level...

The coolest dollhouse and furniture collection from Maw Maw!

The cutest hot pink sequined deer head I've ever seen.  Thank you Homegoods clearance aisle!  How did nobody else want this??  Don't answer that if you don't agree...

I searched high and low for a sparkly chandelier and couldn't find anything (new or used) that came even close to the price and quality of this IKEA pendant light.  This is a staple item that IKEA definitely did right...it's like icing on the cake for this little space.

So, what do you think of the overhaul?

I know that despite the cuteness factor some of you may think we're crazy for giving up a closet, but we had a few good reasons (for those of you who are interested):

1) In this house we're blessed with more square footage and storage space than we've ever had (or needed for just 3 people), so a walk-in closet was a bit overkill for a 3-year-old whose clothes easily fit into a single dresser.

2) Since it wasn't being utilized as a closet, the "storage space" was just turning into a junk collection site.  We move often and frequently get rid of stuff we don't use.  We've been in this house for a year and a half now (that's a long time for us!), so we had gathered way too much "stuff".  It was time to purge a bit.

Regardless of how crazy we are, you've got to admit that this closet is smile-inducing.  Sort of makes you want to come in, throw off your shoes, put on your dress-up of choice, and play house for a while, huh??

Jan 17, 2014

DIY Nursery Wall Art

Happy weekend, friends!  Next week I'm going to share a walk-in closet turned playspace overhaul with you, so I thought I'd share a fun little art project for my little girl's room that will tempt to you return for more.

Remember this cute gray frame I found on clearance at Michael's and had above my world map for Christmas?

Well, I decided to reuse it (don't worry I saved the "For God so loved the world..." print too).  To fill the gray frame I made another handmade "print" for our toddler's room inspired by a sweet Twinkle Twinkle Little Star re-mix phrase I saw on Etsy the other day.

I know it's not fine art - sometimes simple is better - but I couldn't resist the "twinkle twinkle little star...do you know how loved you are?" wording.  Twinkle Twinkle (as we call it) is one of our favorite songs, so the phrase shot straight to our hearts.

And there she sits above our little DIY book sling in the reading nook.  Sweet little addition, huh?

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Jan 15, 2014

Parisian Chic Retreats

Anyone else dream of calling a ritzy Parisian pied-à-terre home?  I think I do, because I seem to pin the most random euro chic spaces in hopes of someday incorporating them into a design.  Let's dream, shall we?

I'm pretty sure if I had a Parisian flat it would be smack dab in the middle of the Marais district and would look like this from the outside...yes, balloon suspending in the air and all.

When I moved in, it would look look like this...the perfect black palette with the most amazing wood herringbone floors, ready for me to grace it with the most sophisticated furnishings.


Please feel free to set your Fiat keys and Hermes bag on the entry console.


Then I'll lead you into the gallery cooking space, I mean our "kitchen".

Do you need to powder your nose?  This dainty, light-filled bath will do.


The parlor is quaint but the lavish design makes it sing.

And the library, you ask?  It's 110% amazing.  The art pieces are all commissioned originals. (wink!)

The master suite has the most darling one-of-a-kind antique light fixture and the ceiling detail, well, see for yourself...nothing short of extraordinary.


Of course the master bath is just as swanky as the bedroom.  The crystal chandelier and double pedestal sink were an absolute must!

The nursery is not too fragile...just perfect enough for the well-behaved children tended by the full-time nanny (who is also a personal chef and masseuse!).


Lastly, do you care to sit and have an espresso in my drawing room before you run off to your afternoon soirée?

I bid you adieu.  Do, come back any time.

Splash of cold water on the face...the dream is over.  Are you feeling like a trip to Paris after that??
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