Aug 28, 2012

How to Make a Book Sling

I finally made it - a Book Sling!  After loving and pinning it on Pinterest forever ago...  I've seen them in several places, so I don't know who made the original "book sling", but I first saw it {here} on Erin's adorable blog, Domestic Adventure.  And, I believe the original DIY tutorial can be found {here} on Megan's inspired blog, Penny Carnival.  I totally winged it on my book sling, but it turned out great so I'll share my tutorial with you below...

Two 5/8" inch poplar dowels (from local hardware store)
Two double curtain rod holders (from local hardware store - around $5 each), screws and wall anchors included
1/2 yd fabric (my fabric was 37.5" wide, which worked swell for my desired width of a 35" sling, but gauge it on your measurements)
Thread to match your fabric
Sewing Machine

1. Measure how wide you want your book sling to be - keep in mind that it could sag in the middle if it's too long.  This will dictate the (horizontal) width of fabric you'll need.  Cut the fabric accordingly, leaving room for a 1.5" finished edge.

2. Grab a few books that will go in your finished book sling to help you measure out the desired depth of your sling. This will dictate the (vertical) height of fabric you'll need.

Make sure books all across the size spectrum will fit don't want it too shallow for your large books or too deep for your small books.

(Note: Make sure to allow for about 2.5" of fabric on both long edges to fold over and create a 1/2" finished edge and a 2" pocket that the dowel will slide through on each side.)

3. At this point, I pinned and sewed a small 1/2" edge along the long sides of the fabric, to create the finished edges to work with.

4. Next, fold over the ends of your fabric on the two short sides, then pin and sew finished edges.  This time I folded over about 1.5" of fabric, which will keep the inside of the fabric from showing on the edges of the finished sling.

5. Now it's time to create the pockets for the dowels to slide through.  I folded over about 2" of fabric on each long side, then sewed right along the line of my original 1/2" finished edge to create the pockets.

6. Now that the sewing portion is complete, measure your finished sling fabric and cut your dowel rods accordingly, allowing about 1.5" of dowel to stick out from both ends of the sling fabric. For example, I cut my dowels at 37" for an approximate 34" fabric sling, which left room for the hardware at the ends. I used a simple wood saw to do this, but if you have a table saw that would work wonders.

7. Next, slide your cut dowels on through the finished pockets.

8. Measure out and hang both of your double curtain rod holders.  If studs aren't available based on your sling length, then make sure to use the provided anchors.  (Remember, little people make try to hang from this cool new book-holding contraption!)

 9. Finally, slide your sling into the holders and tighten the screws to hold the dowels sturdily in place.  You're officially done with installation!

10. Fill with books (or stuffed animals) and ENJOY!

Almost as cute as it is practical, if I do say so myself!  What a creative and minimal way to use that vertical wall space!  Anything that keeps books (or stuffed animals) organized and easily accessible earns an A+ in my book.  An additional book sling may be working it's way into this picture in the near future...

Book slings would also work great to hold magazines in a lobby or waiting room at work.  Oh, a book sling also doubles as a doll stretcher or hammock... :)  Leave it to the kiddos to discover that one!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, or if I can help you out with this project.  I'd also love to see pictures of your completed book slings - send them my way at


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great idea! How have I never seen them on Pinterest?!
Looks great. I'm gonna need to find a free wall. :o)

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love it Kristen!

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