Oct 30, 2011

Refinish an Old Mirror

I find great satisfaction in going around the house, finding something to change up a bit, and then placing it in another room.  It makes you feel like you got something brand new (for FREE!) because it can look completely different in another space.

Wall-hangings (like pictures, clocks, mirrors, shelves, etc.) are always rotating around our home.  Moving as often as we do, we rarely hang things in the same room in each house.  Layouts and wall space are always different.  Plus, lighting in some rooms requires an extra mirror or two to brighten up the space - as was the case in our living room.  In order to keep the "cave-like" ambiance in check, I decided we needed a mirror to hang above the couch so it could bounce some light around the room.  Mirrors can be expensive so I did a quick spin around the house and found a mirror that used to hang in the nursery in our previous home.

(here is the mirror in the nursery)

I had bought this mirror for a steal at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago...prior to it's nursery-life, it was in the master bath and before that in a guest room.  I loved the aged pewter finish in all those spaces but that look was not going to work in our living room - it was too formal and pretty for a room we romp around in all day.  So...I took it down into the garage to see what spray paint we had in our stash.

(the before shot)

I decided to use some sunny yellow spray paint - 1) because yellow is my all time favorite color and I'm always looking for a spot where I can add a dash of it to the house, and 2) because the room needs a little sunshine, whether it be the real thing or just the color.  First, I covered the entire mirror with a good layer of painter's tape.  This took a little while because of the round shape of the mirror, but it's worth it to spend some time to make sure you don't get paint on the mirror.  Next, I gave the frame a quick dash of spray primer because paint doesn't stick well to a smooth metal finish.  Finally, I covered it with two coats of the yellow spray paint.

(the after)

One great thing about this mirror is that you can hang it straight-on as a square or on the diagonal as a diamond shape, which makes it even more fun (and flexible) when you add it to a new space!

Here it is hanging in the living room:

What do you you think?  It was nice to bring in some more yellow, in addition to the throw pillows and few yellow accessories I already had in the room.  It's also kinda cool how the mirror shape repeats the pattern in the red diamond pillow on the left of the couch.  The mirror officially went from it's original gilded regency look to more of a casual contemporary splash of color.  And, it made the living room much brighter for those dreary winter days.  Now, what's next.... -Kristen


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