Aug 1, 2012

Find Me a Fiddle

A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, that is.  They're a decorating obsession for designers all over the globe.  I see Fiddle Leaf Figs in shelter magazines all the time, and can't help but love them myself.  I've never really decorated with foliage but I'm totally tempted to find one of these to fill the corner of my living room.  The room is about 9" tall, very white, and bright.  It's a vast space, so I'm trying to think of ways to fill the visual space without taking up tons of literal space.  A tree might just be the ticket!

Why do I love a Fiddle Leaf Fig?  They have a beautiful leaf shape - just like a fiddle!  And, the leaf color is very bright and fresh - a natural way to add more color to a room.  Oh, and because I see them in magazines all the time, I feel like I translate it into my space.  After all, seeing is believing in the design realm!

Here are a few Fiddle Leaf Fig trees featured in some lovely spaces:





Tall Fiddle Leaf Fig trees can be really expensive, so I'm on the hunt for a smaller one that will grow taller with some (beginner) TLC.  They can be tough to find, but I have a great locally-owned nursery by us that sells them, so I'll be checking them out today.

Have any of you decorated with a Fiddle Leaf Fig?  If so, I'd love to hear what you think of them.  And, if you have any tips on how to care for them, that would be helpful too.  For the rest of us...any one else craving one of these in their space?


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