Nov 28, 2012

Metal Washer Christmas Ornaments

I came up with this idea when I was tasked to create 25 identical cross ornaments for my dear friend's Jesse Tree/Advent Tree ornament exchange.  (I'll be sure to give you more details about the ornament exchange and Jesse Tree/Advent Tree in a future post!)

The concept turned out to be a super quick and easy DIY ornament idea with all sorts of easy-to-make shapes.  You can see I made a cross and a wreath, but I was thinking you could easily make a snowflake, a Christmas tree, or even cute little stick figures.

Here is how I made the wreath ornament...

Metal Washers (whatever size you desire - I bought a couple packs of several sizes)
Super Glue

1. Grab a cutting board or some other surface that won't get messed up by Super Glue.  Lay washers out in your desired design.  I used a basic "one washer under, one washer over" pattern for all my shapes, so the ornament would lay flat.

 2. After washers are laid out, one by one, at each joint pick up the "top" washer and place small dots of Super Glue on the two surrounding "base" washers and then lay the "top" washer down over glue.  Press firmly for a second or two, then move on to the next joint.  Let dry a few hours.  (If you're making several, I'd lay them out and let them cure overnight.)

3. Thread a festive ribbon through the washers and tie off with a loop on top (for tree-hanging purposes).

4. Tie a small bow in a contrasting color and glue it to the wreath using Super Glue.

Voila!  That's go hang it on your Christmas tree.

These would make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, family, and friends.  It's totally unique, heart-felt, and won't break the bank.

What are some other good shape ideas for the metal washer ornament?  Do share with us!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was very excited to see this cross thinking it would be great for the kids (8-13yrs) at church camp to make and take home. I gathered my washers (1/2"), super glue, and I used carabineer's to make key rings. Unfortunately, the super glue WOULD NOT hold the washers together. So after the failure, I tried regular Elmer's glue no luck. Once I got home I made 2 crosses using Epoxy glue. FINALLY and so far they are holding together. The kids at camp loved the one in the picture and had a good time putting them together; but when they picked them up they just wouldn't stay together.

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