Mar 9, 2012

Shamrock Hair Clips

In preparation for St. Patrick's Day next Saturday, here are some cute shamrock hair clips that are super easy to make in just a few minutes.  Clip one on your little man's shirt for a cute pop of green on St. Patty's day, or place one in your little gal's locks to avoid the playful "hey, you're not wearing green" pinch.  I got the itch to make these after I saw another version on Pinterest from a blog called Ten Cow Chick.

Hot glue gun and glue stick
3/8" green grosgrain ribbon
Hair clips (I found several types at my local craft store in the jewelry making section and chose the small bendable alligator clips for my little one)

(optional items: additional decorative touches like glitter, gems, or felt shamrocks...which I found for 50% off at JoAnns since we're just a week out from St. Patty's Day)


1. Open your hair clips so they don't get glued shut...I learned this from trial and error.

2. Hot glue your grosgrain ribbon to the outside of clip.  (Be careful not to get too much glue on the clip so it doesn't ooze out and interfere with it closing properly.)

3. Run a little hot glue along the edges of the ribbon, where it was cut to fit the clip, so it doesn't fray.

4. At this point, you can simply hot glue a felt shamrock to the ribbon (see pic) and call it quits, or continue with the all-ribbon option below...

5.  For the all-ribbon option, cut a 2" piece of ribbon and fold into a "V".  Place a small dot of hot glue at the base of the "V" inside the fold, holding it in place.

6. Now glue the very top back edges of the "V" together with a thin line of glue.

7. Invert your top glued portion, folding it down toward the center and tucking it in - this forms one segment of the shamrock.  Play with it until it looks like this...

8. Repeat the above steps two more times, so you have three shamrock segments. Hot glue each shamrock segment onto your hair-clip.

Here is the finished product on my little model:

Small hair models are always a blur, so admittedly the pics aren't great.  Here she is running from me as I try to take pictures...yes, she now sees a camera and runs away - smiling none the less.

Happy hair clip making!  -Kristen


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Darling little hair bows for Pretty, Pretty Princess to wear on her nonna's birthday! It seems like just yesterday that I was making hair bows for my little girls, Kristen. Your little hair bow model is perfectly precious! Hence, this may be one of my all time favorite posts ever on Inspired Whims!


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