Mar 5, 2012

A Color Study - Yellow!

Spring has not sprung quite yet, but I feel like it's starting to peek out from around the corner.  I love seeing bright colors surface once again in design and fashion.  Not certain how many of you adore sun-shiny lemon-zesty fresh-fun yellow as much as me...but I couldn't help but choose to highlight my favorite shade for our first color study.  I've compiled a collection of yellow-splashed spaces, art, decor items, and fashion pieces that I hope you enjoy as much as I do!  Decorating and accessorizing with yellow can be a challenge but I hope the below pictures give you some inspiration on how it can be tastefully executed. 

All white kitchen with a bold yellow accent wall peeking through:

pic from sarahklassen

When subtle yellow just won't do...grace your entry with it:

pic from style-files

Who knew taupe walls and a yellow velvet sofa would look so classy together, making a glamorous yet completely livable space:

pic from thedecorista

Geometric black and white wallpaper in the hall, then BAM! yellow bath with black tub:

pic from becolorful

These drapes look so bold in color yet remain beautifully classic in design:

pic from mackenziepages

A warm and inviting yellow living space with red as a bold but very tasteful accent:

pic from bhg

A crazy graphic black and white bath, but how fun is the "pop" when you open the vanity drawers???

pic from homeinfurniture

Some may say "over the top" about this chandelier but I say "wow, how wonderfully bold to take such a color risk!" because I believe it's simply stunning with the deep moss green walls:

pic from pinterest via Kristyn Wilton

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, meaning they are across from each other on the color wheel and truly "complement" each other.  A yellow desk really brightens up a room with purple accents:  

pic from manolohome

The prettiest piece of literature I've ever it on a table or bookshelf for a dash of color:

pic from habituallychic

A chic rug that can serve as a great basic - yellow goes beautifully with so many other colors:

pic from

The most adorable hand-fashioned ceramic pig planters from the Fruit Fly Pie shop on Etsy:

pic from etsy

The perfect alternative to a built-in bench look in the breakfast nook - a settee:

pic from jossandmain

This modern and fresh Tribeca Floor Lamp is the perfect statement accessory for any room:

pic from jossandmain

Now for some art, these are the sweetest yellow-themed photographs of Paris from the Little Brown Pen shop on Etsy:

pic from etsy

A graphic print from The Love Shop on Etsy shares a motivating message that would serve as a great focal point framed and set on a mantel or bookshelf:

pic from etsy

A great addition to a kitchen wall or dining space, this fun Julia Rothman print is not only pretty but also practical - it teaches you (and your guests) which forks are used for certain foods:

pic from gliha

Time for some accessories that are wearable regardless of skin tone or how bold (or not) your fashion sense is. This gorgeous Yellow Marine Necklace ($24) from Thread Sense adds the perfect dose of citrus splash to any outfit:

A cute outfit with some fun yellow accessories will get you ready for Spring.  Just add a few yellow pieces to a casual outfit consisting of jeans and other solid basics - yellow always looks great with gray, denim, black, and white:
pic from polyvore - click link for outfit sources

Walking on sunshine...these super cute satin Adrienne Heels ($90) from Anthropologie have comfortable shock-absorbing cork heels:

A summer outfit that makes me smile - navy and yellow are the perfect pairing:

pic from polyvore - click link for outfit sources

Hope your day was brightened by our color study of yellow.  What is your favorite color to decorate or dress with? Let me know and I'll prepare another color study for us.  Have a happy day!  -Kristen


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh that my Kristen could speak volumes about the lovely color "yellow"! Yes,"LELLOW" was her very first favorite color as a wee one. It's all because of a most beloved little yellow bunny named "Jasper" - her "Toy Story"-like treasure. Thanks for brightening my day with a journey back to the sweet days of yesteryear, my Kristen. You are my sunshine!

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