Mar 26, 2012

Dining Space Double-Take

If you're like me, you probably love flipping through shelter magazines any time you get a chance.  I see so many rooms that I love, at times it's almost overwhelming!  Something I wish they would always add to the photo captions is the sources for the items and the prices.  I have a feeling they don't always do that because the prices are so exorbitant it would knock our socks off just reading it...

Here is a very warm and welcoming dining space that I came across in Elle Decor last month - I was immediately drawn to the richness of the colors albeit a mostly neutral space and the overall "collected" look.

pic from elledecor

Isn't it inviting and just eclectically cool?  It looks like everything in the room has it's own story, which would surely be welcomed alongside a glass of orange juice or cup of coffee.

Knowing the room belonged to the VP of Jayson Home - a home furniture and accessory website with simply gorgeous (and pricy) items -  I knew it probably cost a pretty penny, or at least a decade of antique hunting, to furnish this beautiful space.  I set out to find similar items in order to replicate the overall look of the space on a stricter budget.  Here is the result in an inspiration board fomat...please tell me what you think.  (And, sourcing and pricing can be found below...)

Copycat of Elle Decor Space

Buffet with 2-Door Hutch Oak
$549 -

odyssey white dining table
$199 -

Toorie Curtain
$78 -

Loft Shade Pendant (6 finishes
$69 -

Savannah Story Bust, Zebra
$68 -

IKEA Olunda
$40 -

Voyage Mia Dinner Plates, Set of 2
$18 -

Aidan Gray Decor Framed Typeset Letter
$16 -

IKEA Grapefrukt
$7.99 -

IKEA Crassula
$7.99 -

$456 -

Vintage Cream Bottles W/Carrier
$17 -


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Your space looks so cute and peaceful! Kudos.

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