Mar 16, 2012

A Color Study: Green

In commemoration of St. Patrick's Day I figured it was appropriate to do a brief color study on the color green! Green is a soothing color that reminds us of the great outdoors.  Ranging from "lime" to "teal" to "hunter", green is a very complex color - it can take on an invigorating, tranquil, or even mysteriously moody personality depending on which tint, shade, or tone of green is used.

pic from ccrds

I'd have to say that my favorite greens are bright but saturated - most like a kelly green (or the top middle green above).  "Science" aside, green is a great color to use in home decor and can really add a fresh pop to a multitude of interior spaces.  Green is also a fun way to liven up an outfit, especially for Spring.  I've collected a photo-assortment below of beautiful rooms, fashion, art, and decor items that showcase this multi-faceted and fantastic color....enjoy!  (Now, if only I could pipe in a nice faint grass smell to really get your senses awakened...ok, that would be a little creepy)

This time we'll start our color study with some fun green-hued fashion items:

My favorite purse brand - Dooney & Bourke - did it right again...this time in a small kelly green tote with great tassels!

 pic from dooney

Such a pretty dress from Oasis:

 pic from Oasis

A fab Esty find, these earrings from Designs by Jocelyn are beautiful both dressed-up or dressed-down:

 pic from etsy

Add some pep to your step!  These Kate Spade flats quintessentially announce "It's Springtime!": 

 pic from katespade

Look closely...this super cute Anthropologie button-up tank has little ping-pong paddles on it:

pic from Anthropologie

On to art!  We'll start with this gorgeous still life oil painting of a pear from Carl Bork on Etsy...simply beautiful:

 pic from etsy

For a whimsical flare, how about a wise turquoise owl by Japanese artist Atsushi Hara:

 pic from drawn

I love this graphic and girly saying from Kate Spade printed by Amanda Catherine Des on Etsy:
pic from etsy

Shall we enter the stately green doors and walk through some lovely green rooms?  Let's go!

Why not make a bold green statement in the entry - it's so fresh, literally!

pic from thebuzz

How fun are these bright green cabinets?  I love the black, white, and green color scheme of this kitchen:

Typically I'm not drawn to deep foresty or hunter greens, but it was executed so well in this space:

pic from thepaintedhouse

This sitting area is so inviting.  A green rug, green vinyl chairs, and natural greenery provide such a breath of fresh air:

pic from hgtv

The green is this kitchen is simply sub{lime}!  My favorites are the subway tiles and the fabric on the dining chairs:

pic from bhg

If I lived in a tent, it would have to be this jewel-box of a tent.  Have you ever seen a more vivid teal color?

The perfect little patio.  I adore the woven bistro chairs and the bird cage.

pic from 2h+k

The most lush and green yard I've ever seen - this one is in Wisconsin:

pic from elledecor

Bookshelves with a bright olive green backdrop really makes the books and decor pop!

pic via {darlene} on Pinterest

A painted stair that idea!  The green of this runner really highlights the space along with those frames, making an otherwise boring space a major focal point:

 pic from cococozy

Grass green chairs really brighten up this dining nook - and can be easily repainted to later change the look:

pic from bhg

Want just a touch of green?  Consider hanging a few dark green pendants above your bed as an alternative to bedside lamps:

pic from thedesignerpad

pic from houzz

These fair trade baskets are made in Senegal and would be great as a laundry hamper or for toy storage:

 pic from sevenhopesunited

These pillow covers by Modern Touch Design on Etsy are super affordable - only $38 for two covers:

 pic from etsy

Now we're all seeing green - in a good way of course!  What was your favorite green item or space?  -Kristen


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