Mar 30, 2012

Dress Up a Lamp Shade With Ribbon

This is a super easy project you can do in just 30 minutes with some scrap ribbon.  I had an itch to fancy-up a plain beige lampshade I had in our dining room, so I dug around and found some turquoise ric-rac and my hot glue gun.  The rest is history!

Plain lampshade (any size or shape!)
Hot glue gun


1. Cut strips of ribbon to fit your shade.  Leave enough to fold over and glue to the underside of the shade.

2. Measure out and mark the shade where you want your ribbon.  I had limited ribbon so I divided the entire circumference of the top of the shade by the number of strips of ribbon I had, so I knew how far apart to space them.

3. Place a small bead of hot glue on the top inside of the shade, then firmly press the end of your ribbon into the glue.  Hold for a few seconds while the glue cools, then move to the bottom of the shade and repeat - again gluing the ribbon to the inside of the shade.

(detail shot of how it looks on the inside of the shade)

4. Continue around the shade where each of your marks are, gluing each strip of ribbon at the top and bottom of the shade.

Wasn't that a piece of cake?!?  Now place it on your lamp and enjoy your work.

The best part about this project is that you can get really creative.  The possibilities are endless with the materials you can use - buttons, ribbon, piping, tassels, pom pom edging, etc.  It's amazing what you can do with a little hot glue!  -Kristen


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