Jan 9, 2012

I Heart Modern Art

So I have to be honest with you - I'm a relatively new modern art convert.  For the longest time I didn't appreciate any art that wasn't by a master artist of old like Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, etc.  I grew up scouring art books that glorified impressionism and realism, often leaving out more contemporary styles of art.  My style has transformed quite a bit over the years, to the point that I now appreciate most all art and design.  I'm so glad I've matured a bit in this sense because I now find beauty in things I wouldn't have taken time to look at in the past.

Modern art is often bold, daring, and colorful.  I'm most drawn to bright and graphic pieces that grab your eye the instant you walk into a room, like the fun florescent piece below.  The colors brighten my mood instantly!

pic from habituallychic

Here is a great modern art display in a bedroom.  The myriad pieces are unified by the common theme of identical white matting and frames.  You have to admit that a Monet print would not bring as much color and whimsy to the space!  (No worries, Monet, I still love and appreciate you too...)

pic from hgtv

Here are a few fun gallery walls of both old and new pieces - traditional and modern.  The mix of mediums adds so much interest and lends to a curated look that one would imagine took years of collecting to perfect.

pic from budgetwisehome

pic via pinterest: alittleglassbox

Just because you showcase a beautiful work of modern art, doesn't mean your whole room is modern in design. Look at these lovely rooms that still remain traditional in style even though the artwork is contemporary.  

pic from budgetwisehome

pic from elementsofstyle

pic from becolorful

As you can see, modern art can really brighten up any space.  Now you ask, "Where can I find pieces like this that won't totally break the bank?"  The answer is EVERYWHERE!  You can find great affordable options at flea markets, Goodwill, Pier 1, Homegoods, Etsy...  I love Etsy for original works of art by really talented artists.  Putting a name and a face to artwork makes it very special and seemingly more valued, and Etsy allows you to do just that.  Here are a few gorgeous Etsy finds...

Dripsicles by Nicole Cohen ($400)

Superpowers by Mishel Valenton($79)

Radiate by Mishel Valenton ($25)

Also, when hunting for modern art, don't leave out the options you have with photography.  I found this gem of a photograph on Google images the other day.  It's a large enough image that you could download it and have it printed as a poster at a printing store (I use FedEx Office).

Finally, for some homemade modern art use something you, your kids, or a family member have created.  Here is a super cute owl print from Young House Love that was created by Sherry's dad back in 1972.

Sherry and John printed it out and added it to a picture gallery on one of their walls and can now treasure it every day.  How sentimental and fun!!!

pic from younghouselove

Your kids can create some awesome art too, so give them a paintbrush, some crayons, or markers and see what they can do!  Frame some of those beautiful refrigerator art pieces that were made with lots of love.

After that full on immersion, are you a modern art convert too?  Hope so!  -Kristen


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I am! The house looks so bare with the decorations all taken down so I'm craving colorful artwork!

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