Jan 16, 2012

Hmmmm....What to do with a cute candle box?

Continuing with my circus kick {see my last post}, I found this super cute and graphic box at a local store (true confessions: it was Marshall's again...).  The even better news is that the box contained an equally fantastic scented candle, all for only $5.  I must admit that the excitement over the candle was secondary to my love for the circus-like font displayed on the box.  Thankfully, the fun font spelled out some great phrases like, "Miracles Can Happen" and "Welcome Joy", words we truly believe in at our house.  I knew I just had to do something with that box!

First I found a happy home for my corn-flower blue "believe" candle, next to our "out of sight, out of mind" (for a 15 month old) remote control holder.  Yes, I've discovered remote controls are like crack for toddlers...MAJOR addiction.

Now, what to do with the box???  I decided to cut apart the four faces of the box, leaving them square-shaped. Then I arranged them in my recurring "printables" frame {see here and here}, and placed the frame above my kitchen cart for some uplifting inspiration.

Now I have my one circus-inspired piece that subtlety nods to the Big Top and doesn't scream - "Look Clowns!". And, it was only $5 and came with a bonus candle!  Ok, now I sound like an infomercial...  -Kristen


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