Jan 15, 2012

Circus-Inspired Decor

After recently reading and watching Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, I'm adoring any "circus" infusion in decor...in careful moderation of course.  And, "no" it's not just for nurseries!  Big Top style is fun, fresh, and cheery - adding a touch of mysterious splendor to any space.

My inspiration:

pic from wikipedia

To start us off on our circus adventure, here is a really cool idea...a circus tent ceiling.  Notice that nothing else in the room suggests "circus" because the ceiling is such a bold statement.  Too many circus details would make it look like a over-themed room.

pic from mylovelythings

Not super literal, the little colorful flags and small tent above the bed remind me of the childlike wonder of the circus.  After all, everyday should be a celebration!

pic from bing

I love this one, the only circus suggestion in the room comes from the beautiful artwork above the sideboard -  a simple black and white ink sketch of an elephant balancing on balls.  The piece isn't something I'd go into a store looking for, but I'd see it and say "Wow, I'd love to decorate around that!"

Top hats and bowler hats as pendant lights - how creatively cool!  This doesn't scream circus, but it does awaken my inner child....and, so does that yellow unicycle.

pic from apartmenttherapy

Yes, I've shared this cool item before, but I had to do a double-take for this post.  This giant letter from Urban Outfitters is always on my list of "things I love".  I can imagine it as the perfect focal point in a nursery or even in a living room on the mantel.  It comes in any letter and also several other characters like the "&" and "@" symbols.

I found the perfect circus/carnival art by a sublimely gifted photographer on Etsy - Zila Longenecker.  She has so many prints that I love but these three are my favorites...

all pics from etsy

Bold stripes seem to always be in style, and they always remind me a bit of circus tents.  Here are two fun bathrooms with super fun striping on the walls.

pic from apartmenttherapy

pic from elementsofstyle

There is a really fun "Big Top Baby Inspiration Board" from the Honey & Fitz blog.  Check out these fab items in greater detail {here}.  Dina is super gifted at decorating and DIY projects so you'll have take a gander at her blog.  Several of these pieces (minus the crib and toys, of course) could be used anywhere in the home.

A fun kid room idea, a bunk room that looks just like the circus performers' sleeping cars of old.  There is something so cozy and cool about having your own enclosed bunk for a bed.

Finally, for a small touch of circus whimsy, string some garden lights from a pergola or porch.  They are the perfect subtle dose of Big Top sparkle.

Are you ready to go to the circus after all that?  I sure am.  Perhaps circus-inspired decor isn't your thing, but I still recommend reading Water for Elephants.  It will give you an intriguing history and spellbinding imagery of the glory and wonder of the Big Top spectacular!  -Kristen


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