Jan 4, 2012

Color, Pattern, and Wallpaper - Oh My!

It's a new year, and there are lots of fun new (and continued...) design trends.  One of those trends is wallpaper! Yes, I said "wallpaper" but this is not the pastel small-patterned wallpaper of the '80s and '90s.  It's 2012 and it's a whole new (wallpaper) ballgame, folks.  Below are some fun examples that I've found.  Warning:  bold, bright, colorful, daring, and beautiful images ensue...

pic from Houzz

This kitchen picture shows how important it is to balance a bold floral wallpaper with stream-lined and contemporary finishes.  This could resemble a kitchen night-mare if it weren't for the industrial appliances, carefully selected vintage pieces (see the rattan pendant light fixtures), and flat-paneled cabinetry.

I love this living room, starting with the fabulous horizontal stripe wallpaper.  You've got to keep the furnishings simple when the wallpaper steals the show.  Mid-century style furniture helps with that in this space.  Contrasting patterns in fabrics and pillows are utilized well; however, they must be kept to a minimum.

The combo of the plain-jane white poster bed and the modern rose wallpaper is just perfect.  The natural textures of the woven trunk and distressed armoire help ground the brightly-colored space.

Below are 4 great papers that I found online at Anthropologie and Blik that could be used on an accent wall or fireplace, as a backsplash in a kitchen, in a small powder bath, as a headboard (just frame with some molding), or even on a door.  I'm seeing wallpaper like these everywhere in design blogs, websites, and magazines!

pic from Anthropologie

This wallpaper from Anthropologie looks like a true stack of books.  Amazingly cool for an office or even used as a single strip on either side of a bed...you know, behind the bedside tables where all those books are supposed to be.  Right?

pic from Blik

This wallpaper from Blik is a little more subdued in color, but equally as cool in pattern.  I'd love this in a power bath or as an accent wall in a bedroom or living space.

  pic from Anthropologie

Another lovely print from Anthropologie, this fun floral would really brighten up a drab space.  I love how they framed the paper in the recessed panels of the room above.  Wouldn't it look great in a dining room?

pic from Blik

I'm totally lovin' these fish scales from Blik...not too literal in the least, they're bold, fresh, and fun.  This wallpaper would be awesome as a backsplash in a kitchen.  I'm thinking some fun modern cabinets with this in-between (it would go where the backsplash tiles usually go).  Fun, huh?

Who ever thought wallpaper would make such a strong comeback?  Don't know how long it will stick around, but the good news is that the new adhesives are made for easy removal, just in case you decide to go through a neutral-color and minimal-pattern phase next...  -Kristen


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where can you buy the floral wallpaper in the kitchen in the first pic? thanks

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Will wallpaper stick to a wall that has texture on it?

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