Jan 10, 2014

Nice and Neutral

I don't know if it's my recent visit to IKEA or just a diversion from my normal draw to everything colorful and patterned, but lately I've been inspired by an almost Scandinavian style - neutral tones, clean lines, natural elements, and zero clutter.  I'm digging spaces like these, where all the textures really stand out.


I feel like this design style works best when you have some really special architectural details to highlight like original wood floors, intricate moldings, ceiling details, beautiful windows, etc.  You almost need an old house, or one built to look old, to really pull off the look.

Whether you have an old home filled with character (lucky you!) or not, here are some pretty home furnishing that can give you that simple, neutral, clean-lined aesthetic.

While white upholstered furniture isn't really practical for our lifestyle right now (hello toddler!), I have decided to make a "neutral" new year's resolution when it comes to decor.  I've decided not to add any more furniture or accent pieces with pattern or color.  My only exception is art - as long as the frame is neutral.  

I'm going to focus more on texture...leather, woven materials, wood, metal, metallics, clear elements, etc.  I think it will be a good way to temper all my color and add some depth and simplicity to my decor.  

What do you think of neutral spaces?  Are you a fan or do you prefer lots of color and vivid patterns?


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

First, I'm obsessed with that bedroom picture. Swoooooon. Second, I love that W.E. grey chair. Third, I was actually at Ikea today and every time I go, which isn't often, I wonder why I don't go more. I love all their displays. I'm a neutral girl. I love color in rooms in photographs, but if I'm buying, I always end up coming home with something completely lacking in color. Unless it's green. I'm obsessed with green.

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