Jan 8, 2014

Tee Pee Time & Framed Postcard Art

Do you all remember this quirky but totally fun room I shared a while back?

Well, guess who has their own personal tee pee in their living room??!  That's right, this girl!

You're jealous, right?  Ok, the tee pee isn't mine...it belongs to a special someone under 4 feet tall in our household.  It was a much-loved birthday gift from some dear friends. 

Did I ever imagine I'd have a tee pee in my living room?  Nope, not ever.  Has it given me some decorating challenges?  Um, yes.  A lot.  But those are welcome challenges because some things are just worth workin' with when they make you smile.

Other new additions?  You can see we added a little "Fun had here {insert arrow here}" lettering to our chalkboard (to the right of the window), and I found a box of some great postcards on clearance at Anthropologie the other day and popped them in a frame I had bought on clearance at Kohl's (to the left of the window).

The frame came with the nine 4"x6" openings in the matte which made it perfect for postcards.  I'm always falling for colorful modern art on Etsy, so this was a nice way to integrate the look I love without spending more than $20 total.  And, I can switch them out as desired because the postcard set had over 100 different prints!

What do you think of our jovial living space?  I'm always afraid it looks like a circus with all the colors and toys (i.e. giant tee pee), but I guess I'm OK with that as long as it's a tastefully decorated circus!


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