Jan 29, 2014

Try ' Em On! Warby Parker Sunglass + Eyeglass Frames

Here comes the sun!  Spring and sunglass season is quickly approaching...hooray!!

Last week I was introduced to the stylish and totally affordable Warby Parker sunglass and eyeglass frame company.  Being a a self-proclaimed Ray-Ban aficionado for many years, at first I was a little skeptical of the new-to-me brand.  But then, I visited their website and got very excited to try something new.  Here's why...

1) They have super cute eyeglass frame and sunglass options - most of which are only $95 - that you can "virtual try-on" just by downloading a pic or posing in front of your webcam.  This is critical as it allows you to visualize how the shape of the glasses will fit with the shape of your face.  Here's how the "virtual try-on" worked for the sunglasses I selected (no mugshot jokes, y'all!):

2) All of their sunglasses have polarized lenses which are an absolute must in eye protection from glare and the sun's rays, especially for the daughter of an eye-guy (my dad has worked in opthalmic medical sales almost my entire life).

3) Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made.  They work with nonprofit partners worldwide to help people see.  Love this!!

4) And, last but not least, they offer a free and ultra convenient Home Try-On program.  You pick out up to 5 pairs of frames or sunglasses, they ship them to you for free in a nifty box, you have 5 days to try them on and decide which pair you like best, order your favorite pair if you found a keeper, then pack up your home try-on frames and ship them back for free.  How could I resist?

Now for the most fun part!  Which 5 pairs did I select for Home Try-On, you ask?

These lovelies (in the same order as my "virtual try-on" above):

Boyd in Marbled Charcoal (my wildcard pick!)

I'm very excited to receive them in the mail and give them a whirl.  Which of my picks do you like best?  

Of note, the fresh and chic Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection can be found {here}.  

And, their limited edition Palm Canyon Collection can be found {here}.

I'll be sure report back and let you know how my Home Try-On goes!  See any you'd liked to try?
(please note: This was NOT a sponsored post - I am in no way being reimbursed for my comments.  As always, I'll be sure to give you 100% honest feedback about my experience with the Warby Parker brand.)


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