Jan 13, 2014

Best of 2014 Golden Globes Fashion (According to me...)

So, as always, there were several hits and several misses when it came to fashion at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.  Several of the "talked about" gowns were kinda blah to me, so I've crafted my own "best of" list for you.  Here are my personal favorites...

Amy Adams in a daring but gorgeous red color combo.  As long as you have plenty of back-up double-sided tape on hand, this one looked almost comfortable to me.

Emma Roberts looks so beautiful and all-grown-up in this statuesque black gown.  The gown is a very pretty shape and I love the turquoise earrings with it.

 Julie Bowen is in a bit of a wild card, but I'm loving it on her.  Not everyone could pull this off as it looks a little 80s brides-maidy to me, but with her glowing smile and cute little figure it's a win.

Olivia Wilde was the prettiest pregnant lady last night with this emerald green shimmer gown.  She looks so lovely in it - it fits her perfectly and the color is beautiful with her skin coloring.

Taylor Swift was lovely in this very classic looking black and red gown.  A sweetheart neckline is always so flattering on her and the red color is such a sweet almost-but-not-quite pink shade.

Julianna Margulies' gown choice was bold but I think the cap sleeves, gold detailing, full skirt, and deep v-neck on the dress are so beautiful on her.  Her make-up and hair were very pretty as well.  I think this may be my overall favorite this year!

(All gown photos were found on Buzzfeed - so many more to see {here}.)

Does anyone else have a favorite gown from this year's Golden Globes that I didn't mention?  Or, do any of these featured dresses strike your fancy??  Do share!


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