Jan 15, 2014

Parisian Chic Retreats

Anyone else dream of calling a ritzy Parisian pied-à-terre home?  I think I do, because I seem to pin the most random euro chic spaces in hopes of someday incorporating them into a design.  Let's dream, shall we?

I'm pretty sure if I had a Parisian flat it would be smack dab in the middle of the Marais district and would look like this from the outside...yes, balloon suspending in the air and all.

When I moved in, it would look look like this...the perfect black palette with the most amazing wood herringbone floors, ready for me to grace it with the most sophisticated furnishings.


Please feel free to set your Fiat keys and Hermes bag on the entry console.


Then I'll lead you into the gallery cooking space, I mean our "kitchen".

Do you need to powder your nose?  This dainty, light-filled bath will do.


The parlor is quaint but the lavish design makes it sing.

And the library, you ask?  It's 110% amazing.  The art pieces are all commissioned originals. (wink!)

The master suite has the most darling one-of-a-kind antique light fixture and the ceiling detail, well, see for yourself...nothing short of extraordinary.


Of course the master bath is just as swanky as the bedroom.  The crystal chandelier and double pedestal sink were an absolute must!

The nursery is not too fragile...just perfect enough for the well-behaved children tended by the full-time nanny (who is also a personal chef and masseuse!).


Lastly, do you care to sit and have an espresso in my drawing room before you run off to your afternoon soirée?

I bid you adieu.  Do, come back any time.

Splash of cold water on the face...the dream is over.  Are you feeling like a trip to Paris after that??


Donna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think you are confused. This must surely be MY apartment in Paris. *sigh*

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