Sep 24, 2011

Pom Pom Wreath

It's not time for Christmas decorating yet....but this was an easy wreath project that can be displayed all year round.  I call it the pom pom wreath (or Popple wreath, for those of you who grew up in the '80s like me)...

It's made out of three easy to find items: assorted sizes and colors of pom pom balls (approx. 500 total), a 16" styrofoam ring, and 500 tailoring pins (straight pins with a small head).  I bought all the items at the local craft store for less than $20.  I just pushed a pin through the side of each pom pom and stuck it into the styrofoam ring.  I placed the pom poms nice and close together so no styrofoam showed through.  An hour and a half later, I had a super cool wreath to hang on the door or layer with other decor.

My "wreathing" was inspired by my beautiful sister who recently created a ruffled felt wreath following directions from the following blog: Domestifluff.

Get creative and use any variety of colors.  You could even make it a more traditional Christmas-esque wreath by selecting  dark green, lime green, red, and white pom poms.  Happy crafting! -Kristen


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