Sep 30, 2011

No-carve Ribbon Pumpkins

I was inspired by this picture I found on  I found some ribbon on sale at our local craft store, and gave it a whirl myself...

All you need is a pumpkin (real or fake...I picked fake so I could use them year after year), a couple rounds of thin ribbon or rick-rack, and a hot glue gun.  You can also use some fun gems or even stickers.  Be creative with ribbon colors - go with the colors in your home decor or be festive with Halloween or Fall colors.  Simply cut the ribbon to size, so it reaches from the pumpkin stem to the base.  Run a thin line of hot glue along the pumpkin and press the ribbon down.  Here is the family of pumpkins we ended up with as decor in our dining room:

There are some more awesome no-carve pumpkin ideas at My Blessed Life - a blog I love to read for some great inspiration.  Check it out if you have a moment! -Kristen


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Such a great idea. I featured it on my blog today. I love the results.

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Great idea!! This is useful for me this coming halloween. For starters, I am not a talented carving, so carving is a no-no for me. That's why these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas are pretty handy. Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween.

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