Sep 23, 2011

Color Punch

Designers often recommend that you keep furniture (and even wall colors) neutral in order to provide multiple color scheme options and keep your space from ever looking dated.  This allows you to add color to your room through inexpensive accents that can be changed on a whim.  While neutral beiges, grays, and whites can be tranquil and beautiful on their own, color can really liven up a space and help camouflage those imperfections from kids, pets, parties, etc.  Here are some great examples of color infusion in neutral spaces from (they have even more pics posted there).

From a neutral living space:

To a colorful living space that draws your eye (and you) in:

Notice, the main furniture all remained the same.  The changes came in the accent pieces - lamps, pillows, curtains, art, side tables, throws, etc.  Not all accents need to be colored...notice the great wooden side table that provides the perfect touch of texture among all the brightly colored items.

From a crisp neutral dining room:

To a dining room filled with color and pizzazz:

It's great to select a key accent color (here it's green) and play with different shades within the same color family.  Then select another complementary color (here it's bright pink) and infuse it in just a few spots for an extra dose of color and fun.

From plain-jane bedroom:

To a bright and lively space:

Notice, all of these rooms contain art that could easily be a DIY project.  Just buy a few art canvases at a craft store and select some paint colors that show up in your fabrics and accents.  Cover the canvas with a simple design like a single stripe or a repetitive shape, or even paint the entire canvas one color, then hang.  An easy and inexpensive punch of color - and people will ask where you bought your art!

The best part about these accent pieces is that they can easily be changed out for a different color scheme.  Perhaps you want to infuse some deeper jewel tones for Fall and Winter...stow the red, orange, and green accents and add some pieces in plum, raspberry, and goldenrod hues instead. -Kristen


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