Sep 22, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is a must-do adventure you've got to take if given the opportunity!  (Disclaimer: It's not for those of you who are terrified of heights...unless you really want a personal challenge)  I consider myself to be pretty bold when it comes to trying new things, so when my husband surprised me with the notion of doing a hot air balloon ride with Adventures Out West in Colorado Springs, Colorado I was totally up for it.  I honestly thought that it might be a little lame compared to jumping out of an airplane or even flying an airplane, both of which I've been blessed with the opportunity of doing.  Boy, was I wrong - it was so much more thrilling than I ever would have thought!

Here is a picture of the basket on its side as the crew set up for the flight:

Photos of us before take-off, while they were blowing the hot air into the balloon:

Once you're high in the air, it's almost like an out of body experience as you lean over the basket and look down at the world growing smaller and more distant.  It's very quiet, peaceful, and warm in the basket...not windy and cold like you'd imagine it to be.

It's crazy being in an open container so high above the ground.  Even though you're not tethered in, it's completely safe because the basket comes up rather high around you and is split into multiple sections so you feel contained.  It's quite the liberating adventure - to be up so high and watch the sun rise.  Now, if only you could bungee jump from a hot air balloon...maybe another adventure, another time. -Kristen


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Lisa parachuted out of a hot air balloon. She liked it. But since Kyle, they are grounded till he's 18. Love your blogging Kristen. Good info!!! Marsha

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