Jul 12, 2013

Picking Paint Colors : Brightly Painted Doors

One of my favorite design details on a house is the front door, so I always figure the best way to highlight a door is to paint it a vivid shade that really stands out.  A cheery door can make an otherwise dull exterior really sing!

It's not always easy to pick paint colors, especially really bold colors, so the best way to go about it is to:
1) Find colors you love online via blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, then match paint swatches to them.  
2) Keep in mind that most colors look darker in person, than on the swatch.
3) Lighting matters - look at the color in the setting it will go at different times throughout the day.
4) If possible, sample a few of your favorite colors before you make a final choice.
5) Remember that paint is not a major commitment, if you don't like it simply pick another color and repaint.

For the perfect no. 2 pencil yellow...

Try Benjamin Moore's Sunflower:

For a cool blue hue...


Try Benjamin Moore's Rocky Mountain Sky:

For a striking kelly green...

Try Benjamin Moore's Baby Fern:

 For an eye-catching lilac...

Try Benjamin Moore's Amethyst Cream:

For a warm orange...

Try Benjamin Moore's Citrus Orange:

For a bold fuchsia statement...


Try Benjamin Moore's Hot Lips:

 For a spunky chartreuse...

Try Benjamin Moore's Tequila Lime:

For a classic lipstick red...


Try Benjamin Moore's Million Dollar Red:

For a tasteful turquoise...


Try Benjamin Moore's Fairy Tale Blue:

 For an all-grown-up bubble gum...


Try Benjamin Moore's Rhododendron:

Do you like brightly colored doors?  Would you ever paint your door to make it stand out?  If so, which colors are you drawn to?  Please share your most useful paint color picking tips with us!


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My front door is yellow, but not quite as bright. My back door is purple. :o)

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