Jul 1, 2013

Design Crush: Emily Henderson

For those of you who aren't HGTV Design Star (now, HGTV Star) fans, let me introduce you to today's design crush: the lovely Emily Henderson.  Emily won Season 5 of HGTV Design Star, and she's continued to stun audiences, clients, and her Style by Emily Henderson blog followers since then.  This gal is uber talented and has the innate ability to make every room she touches an eclectic masterpiece.  To me, her style is totally unique, very artistic, a bit quirky, and always so inviting!

Check out just a few of my favorite Emily Henderson spaces below.





If I could pick one person to help me decorate, it would be Emily.  Here's why:
1) She perfectly mixes old with new, and her spaces always contain at least a few thrifted items.
2) She is has sublime attention to detail in accessorizing - a stylist by trade never disappoints.
3) She partners with West Elm, which happens to be one of my favorite stores.
4) She loves fiddle-leaf fig trees...and always includes lots of greenery in her spaces.
5) Unlike other designers, she doesn't always gravitate toward high-end everything.  Yay budget!
6) She seems like a genuinely sweet person, who has a good time and doesn't take herself too seriously.

What do you think of Emily's spaces?  Emily, anytime you want to come to Boston and go thrifting/flea marketing with me, just let me know...I'd totally work you in.


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I so love that show. My roommate's addicted to reality TV and this is one of the shows I don't mind (do not get me started on my loathing for the Beverly Hillbillies Housewives). I remember really liking Emily because of her use of thrifted items. Some of my favorite pieces at home were found at garage sales.

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