Jul 31, 2013

Splurge vs. Save! Botanical Charts

I love scientific (and especially botanical) charts - their schoolhouse vibe gives an air of nostalgia while their aged look provides a vintage feel that other forms of wall art can't portray.  Not to mention, because of their sheer size, they can be a true focal point in a space.



You can find some stellar scientific charts at flea markets, antique stores, and retail shops - but it could cost you a pretty penny.  That being said, I've done some of the leg work (a.k.a. research) to find a botanical chart for less.

That's right!  They look very similar and give off the same beautiful nostalgic vibe, but one will allow you space in the budget to decorate the rest of the room, while the other will leave your budget, well...blown.

Now there's the same look for WAY less!  And, you may ask, "Did you indulge in some botanical chart savings?" Well, yes I did!!

What do you think of this look for WAY less?  Do you like botanical charts or any other scientific charts in home decor?


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