Jul 3, 2013

Easy-Sew Envelope Pillow Cover

I confess, I'm no sewing machine wizard...I keep it on the same settings, fear having to replace a needle, shy away from anything with "zipper" or "sleeve" in it, and often have to review the instruction manual when it comes time to rethread the thing or make a new bobbin.  (And, quite frankly, I should probably wear a helmet when operating it...)

All that aside, I finally made my first pillow cover and now I'm not so scared of the darn thing.  No fancy schmancy zipper for the pillow insert y'all - we're talking an "envelope" pillow cover where the insert just slips right in.  Yay easy!  So easy, in fact, I made (gasp!) two of 'em...

That's right, the fine looking front and center polka dot one's mine!

And, here's how you can make one too...

Fabric - you only need about 1/2 yd
Fabric Scissors 
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine (or you can always hand-sew, if desired)

1. Measure out your fabric to the desired pillow size, leaving an inch or so on the sides for your seam.  I used another pillow cover I had as the template, so I'd know how much fabric I'd need to fit the pillow insert.  Cut fabric to size.

2. Pin along the length of the two short ends, then sew about 1/2" seams on both ends.

3. Now flip your fabric over so the "inside" of the fabric is facing out and fold both finished ends over to meet at the middle, fitting to the size of your template (or measurements).

Make sure to overlap the two finished ends by at least 1" because this is where your insert will slip in and the cover will remain open or "envelope-d".

 4. Pin along the open edges on either side, allowing for 1/2" seams, then sew them up.

5. You're done sewing!  Now just reach in through the "envelope" opening, and turn the fabric right side out.  Ensure the corners are popped out to a pretty point.

This is what the "envelope" opening looks like close up...

It just runs across the back of the pillow, and you'd never know it's there.

6. Finally, pop in a pillow insert through the opening (down fill preferred, unless you're allergic...) and give it a good karate chop.  Come on, you know you want to!

Easy enough, huh?  I think I made the two covers in about an hour, which isn't bad for a beginner.  Or, so I tell myself...

The other pillow ended up in the same room on the curbside-recovery rocking chair.  I just love me some dots!

Anyone else like making pillow covers?  Any good tips for the rest of us non zipper sewers??


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is how I ALWAYS make pillow covers. So simple and they come off easy to wash. I've done sham covers the same way. Best sewing project for sure.

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