Jul 10, 2013

Bohemian Chic Bedroom

I finally made it over to photograph my dear friend's master bedroom, which we decorated a few months ago. Thankfully she's super tidy and keeps everything in order so I was able to crash their house on the drop of a dime!  

My friend has impeccable taste, so I simply helped her by arranging the items that she already had, hanging items up (they were leaning against the floorboards), and giving a few pointers here and there.  It really came together as quite the Bohemian Chic retreat!

Now for the detail shots...

 We laid the gallery wall out on the bed first, so we'd know how to best arrange the items on the wall.

 The grouping on her dresser was created by items she had on hand.

 She had ordered this gorgeous dresser off Etsy...it's the most divine turquoise hue.  The Moroccan lanterns hung in the corner were a clearance aisle find at Homegoods.

 The headboard is an old door, refinished with tin inserts.

This is an old dresser that was passed down.  The curve on the front is so unique and the patina is one of a kind; however, this may be the one item that gets a little extra love with new paint in the future.

Ordered from a flash sale site, the tissue paper poufs were hung to frame the mirror above the dresser.  I love this focal point in the room...it really makes the space come together.

The comforter and window panels are from Anthropologie.  The sunburst mirror came from a flash sale site.  The rug is from Ikea.  And, the bedside tables also came from Etsy.  If you have any other sourcing questions, please let us know!

What do you think of how the room came together?  Are you digging the Bohemian Chic retreat?


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