Jun 27, 2013

South by Southwest Lounge

Do you ever surprise yourself by loving something that you'd think you'd hate?  For example, when you ask me what my least favorite decorating style would be, I'd probably say southwestern.  And, when I say southwestern I'm thinking pure 80s southwestern, i.e. coyotes, wagon wheels, and dream catchers...

Well, today I happened upon a totally "southwestern" decor item that I'm completely smitten with.

This pillow is from One Kings Lane, and I may even buy it because I think it would be a fun addition to our living room or guest room.  I can't even explain why I like it, other than saying it's colorful, graphic...and besides that, totally un-me!

I even designed a room around this pillow - yes, that's right folks, an entire room I've decided to dub my South by Southwest Lounge.  The even more surprising thing to me was that every single item on here I had already pinned to my "Decor Items/Ideas I Adore" Pinterest board found {here}.

Random, huh?  Who knew that I had a little bit of southwest in me??  I'm shocked, but I can't help but really love this room.  It would make the perfect classy mancave or study.  (Or, smoking lounge if such a beast still existed...)

So again, I ask, do you ever surprise yourself by liking something you'd think you'd hate?  Any design styles, or colors, or trends??  I can't be the only one...  Do share!


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