Dec 1, 2011

How to Display Your Christmas Cards

It's Christmas card time!  This time of year, I'm like a giddy little kid...rushing to the mailbox to see if we got any cards.  We haven't received any yet (after all, it's only the very beginning of December...) but I wanted to get on the ball and determine how to display them once they do start pouring in.  Here are some great ideas from some very creative people...

pic from House to Home

I know not everyone has a beautiful old piano in their home...but you could do this same thing along a fireplace mantel or even from corner to corner on a wall (see above).  Hang some twine, ribbon, string, or yarn, then use some clothes pins (more traditional), paperclips (more thrifty), or bulldog clips (more contemporary) to attach your cards.

pic from Budget Wise Home

This is what my family did when I was growing up...we'd hang our cards around the doorway leading from the entry to the dining room or living room.  We used some scotch tape and up they went!  You can add some garland or ribbon for some extra flair.

pics from Tip Junkie

These are two great ideas!  The first is to arrange your cards on the wall in a shape like a Christmas tree (shown on left), a star, or some other fun shape.  The second is to fill small vases with floral foam and stick forks in, prong side up, then stick the card down in-between the prongs...a fun way to display cards on a dining room table. (Click on picture to enlarge for a better view.)

 pic from Martha Stewart

Crafty and cute!  Purchase a large embroidery hoop at your local craft store and hang it from decorative ribbon. Using hot glue, affix miniature clothes pins to the outer surface of the hoop.  For best results, alternate the clothes pins to point outward and inward so you can fit more cards in.

pic from

Love this wreath!  Wrap a straw or floral foam wreath with upholstery webbing (available at some fabric stores or online) or some wide ribbon.  Tie a bow on top and hang on the inside of your front door, then simply pin your cards to it with long straight pins or bulldog clips (shown here).

Now for some options you can purchase:

This is a picture mobile from (only $12).  I think a few of these hanging from a ceiling with your cards attached would be super cool - whimsical but modern.

This card tree from Exposures ($40) is a fun piece of decor, even before your cards arrive in the mail!  Hang it on a wall or prop it up on your fireplace mantel.

For our family, I think we'll do what we did last year, and hang our cards around our big metal star:

pic from TLC

We just tape them around the outside ring of the star...easy and out of the way of little fingers that like to pull absolutely everything down. :)

Hope these ideas got your gears turning.  If all else fails, you can always put them up on your refrigerator with magnets!  -Kristen


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