Dec 28, 2011

Fun Color Combos

Do you ever come across two colors that just really work with each other?  Often times they are colors that you'd never imagine pairing together, but once you see them in the same space it's like they were meant to be together.  Here are four really fun pairs that I've come across and wanted to share with you.

Tangerine & Fuchsia! - Nothing beats the winter doldrums like some hot pink and orange.  They're very bold colors so you wouldn't want to saturate your entire home with them, but talk about a great way to liven up a work-space like an office or laundry room.  These two colors work best with a very neutral background like white, gray, or beige, and really warm up any wood tones in a room.  I don't think you could be anything but cheerful in the rooms below!

pic from smallspacestyle

pic from smallspacestyle

Grape & Turquoise! - Rarely will you ever hear me say that I'm a fan of purple...only in the most special of circumstances where the color occurs in the perfect space in the perfect hue.  However, I saw the picture below and immediately fell for it because it was paired with one of my favorites, turquoise.  The two colors complement each other beautifully and make for such a regal presence.  The dark gray wall in the background makes the accent colors glow!

pic from hgtv

Goldenrod & Brown! - I say it and you may cringe...flashback to '70s and velour gone wrong.  But, I'm telling you the color combo can be gorgeous like in the bedroom below.  The use of contemporary fabrics and plenty of white balance out the strong earthy colors and make them sing.  A few splashes of orange also help modernize the space.  I'm loving it!

pic from hgtv

Cornflower Blue & White! - Pretty, fresh, and ready for spring...I love the way you can combine very traditional colors and traditional items like the china platters on the wall and beautiful crown-molding, and mix it with a modern rug and dining suite to create the perfect eclectic combination.  The bold ikat valance and white-washed floors really make this space!

pic from becolorful

Gorgeous pairings, huh?  All of these bright colors are making me ready for spring decor and fashion.  What other color pairings do you love?  -Kristen


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