Dec 20, 2011

The Perfect Gifts for Guys

Why is it always so tough to shop for the men in our lives?  We brainstorm for days and never seem to come up with the perfect gift for them.  They have so many hobbies and interests, and always seem to like whatever we come up with.  Perhaps that's why it's so difficult - it's hard to pick something out for someone who would like anything!  Here are 13 great ideas, inspired (and mostly thought of) by my husband, for all the men in your life:

I saw this Timex Weekender watch ($40) the other day at REI and wanted it for myself.  It's classic yet rugged, and I love the olive green canvas strap (also comes in black or striped canvas).  The watch face is large and has the Timex Indiglo feature for telling time in the dark - a must, right?!?

This leather passport cover ($40) from Eddie Bauer is the perfect gift for the avid male traveler in your life.  I received a cover like this from my mother-in-law and have loved it for many many years - it protects your passport and provides convenient pockets to stash other paper items like receipts, IDs, credit cards, cash, etc.  A traveler's must have!

That's right, it's a remote control holder from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Store.  I could just kiss the couple that designed this because it neatly organizes remote controls and other handheld electronic devices in a design-friendly (almost sculptural) way.  What man wouldn't like something that always keeps his remotes within reach?

The magazine that makes the testosterone flow even stronger - Outside magazine ($24/year) - is a gift that keeps giving all year long.  Adventures, sports, outdoor activities, travel, survival tactics, you name's in here.  And, I don't mind a quick read of it myself.

Cool and sleek, this Duct Tape wallet ($15) from is available in bi-fold or tri-fold designs and is guaranteed not to get sticky, lift, or peel.

I saw this Leather LED Flashlight ($31) in Pottery Barn the other day and thought it was really neat.  It's a good size and feels solid.  The leather handle adds a nice masculine touch and the strong LED glow makes it technologically advanced for our modern men.

Amazon's Kindle Touch ($99) is one of the #1 gifts all-around this year.  It's the easy to use, easy-reading Kindle classic with the convenience and updates of a touch screen.  We love our iPad, but sometimes you've gotta read when it's sunny outside, and for that purpose a Kindle is key.

Perfect for the college football fan and/or devoted alum, the coach's polo ($65) can be ordered in any college team's style at  My husband loves getting a new one every year or two since the designs are updated most every year.

I've posted these before, but they're so cool they deserve another post - Survival Straps luggage tags ($15). They make your luggage stand out from the rest of the totes in the sea of baggage at the airport, and they do it in a more subdued way (not the orange spray-painted "x" you see on some bags).

The Survival Straps survival bracelet ($35) is also a really great guy gift.  It's made of 550 test military spec paracord that can be unraveled and used in emergency situations.  Bracelets can be customized in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.  Yes, it's a "bracelet" but it screams (or, yells...) "manly man!".

The Band of Brothers & The Pacific Special Edition DVD set ($80 on is the perfect gift for a guy who loves our military and American history.  Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg collaborated to produce both of these amazing HBO series.  Award-winning and epic, this film collection will be watched for generations to come.

For the athlete on your list, the Nathan Tritan Water Bottle ($15) is rugged, well-designed, light-weight, and fits in a bike's bottle holder.  You suck fluids through a straw instead of having to squirt it in your mouth - a much easier way to hydrate while biking, running, or hiking.  The top has a built-in clip making it easy to attach to a backpack or bag for travel.

A cool stocking-stuffer, Fossil's Ridge Key Fob ($20) has plenty of space for keys, a convenient clip, and a bottle opener.  This isn't one of those cheap-looking bottle-opener's classy-looking and convenient all the same.

All these gifts are practical, manly, well-designed, and thoughtful - just like the guys in our lives.  Could it get any better?  -Kristen


Rachel J said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

All the boys in the house are getting the Survival Straps. How fun.

molly.stowers said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I got Paul a duct tape wallet right after he graduated in '03 and he still uses it as his wallet. They do eventually wear down, but the company will replace for free for a lifetime! Plus the comments you get from random strangers keeps things entertaining! :)

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