Dec 15, 2011

Small Space Christmas Decor

Just because you don't have much square footage, doesn't mean you have to give-up on festive decor for the holidays.  We're in that very boat - a small 2 bedroom town-home but a big love for all things decorative, especially for Christmas time.  In a small place it's important to use your vertical space, so use your walls, your windows, your mantel, and your shelves for decor.  Here are some fun ideas, some from our house, and some from other great spaces...

Because we decided to go without the traditional Christmas tree this year and opt to do a alternative tree on top of our corner fire place, we decided to hang a large wreath on our wall so we wouldn't miss out on the greenery and lights.

We used vertical space again for our stockings.  I usually hang them from the mantel, but our baby likes to grab anything that hangs within 4 feet of the floor, so they had to be EXTRA high this year.  I bought the suction cups at the Dollar Tree - 6 for a buck - and surprisingly they've stuck despite the cold cold weather.

pic from housetohome

Who needs a fireplace for stockings?!?  This is a great way to hang your stockings when you don't have a fireplace in a room.  Find a long branch - keep it natural or spray paint it - then hang it from the ceiling with thick ribbon attached to hooks (make sure the hooks will hold some weight).

I love this guy - for the holidays or all year round.  It would be super cute if you hung ornaments from his antlers, or strung some garland through them.  He's only $32 online at Fred Flare.

pic from Tilly & Fran

Adorable and another great use of wall space!  This is a Christmas tree made from embroidery hoops and green fabrics.  These inexpensive items can be found at your local craft store.

pic from

This whimsical decoration was made from an old frame, some ribbon, and ornaments.  Spray paint your frame a fun color, then string ribbon side to side (attach it to the sides with a staple gun or small craft hooks).  As you string the ribbon string some ornaments on or hang the ornaments from short hooks when you're finished.  Finally, tie some ribbon to the top and hang from a window with a strong suction cup or the top casing of the window sill.

pic from

Another good window idea, hang your homemade snowflakes - made from paper or felt - from some fishing line so they appear to dance and float in your window.

pic from

This pipe cleaner tree doesn't take up much space but it certainly adds a lot of charm.  It was crafted out of a small dowel with tiny holes drilled through it, then pipe cleaners were threaded through the holes with a few beads put on for tiny ornaments.

All these amazing ideas, and just a few more weeks until Christmas!  -Kristen


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