Nov 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

I'll be honest with you - I skipped decorating for Thanksgiving and moved right on to Christmas decor this year. We'll be traveling the whole week of Thanksgiving, so I figured we wouldn't be here to appreciate Thanksgiving decorations.  That being said, I found some simple decorating and craft ideas for those of you who are gracious hosts for the big day this next week.  Hope you find some inspiration for your home!

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This mantel is beautifully decorated with nothing but autumn leaves.  It's the perfect example of understated elegance in a beautiful natural form!

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Here are some fall leaves in a table center-piece - a color infusion for your Thanksgiving spread.  I know this decor is only possible for those of us who live in places with fall foliage...unfortunately, not everyone has access to these gorgeous leaves.  If that's you, don't be discouraged because there are lots of other options - just keep reading!

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Now this is one I can see myself using next year - some dried corn and gold candles in a glass candle holder.  It looks amazing, is well contained, and doesn't take up tons of space on the table.  Fabulous!

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Same idea as above, just with fresh cranberries instead of corn.  A combo of the two would be delightful!  If you're looking for something you have around the house or yard, try some dried beans, acorns, or even small rocks or pebbles.

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The classic Thanksgiving cornucopia overflowing with pumpkins and other gourds.  You could use some fruits and veggies instead - use what you've got in your kitchen.  A wicker cornucopia, like the one above, can often be found at a local craft store.

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I love this idea!  Print out your Thanksgiving menu and place it in a frame you have on-hand.  Dress it up with some autumn-inspired ribbon and a few sprigs of wheat, twigs, or dried herbs.

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These monogrammed pumpkins make great place settings.  All you need is a few small pumpkins - I'd use the tiny ones you can pick up at the grocery store or small fake ones on sale at craft stores (post-Halloween pricing!) - a paintbrush and some acrylic craft paint, or a gold paint-pen.  If you can't find pumpkins, try apples instead.

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This gorgeous table runner is a strip of burlap or canvas fabric topped with two fall-hued satin ribbons.  You can glue the layers together with fabric glue (or hot glue if you're adding other items on top) or stitch them together for more staying-power.

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A tree of thanks!  Find a bare branch in your yard, leave it natural or spray paint it white like shown above, then place it in a tall vase.  Cut out some leaves from colored construction paper and tie some string/twine to them. Scatter the leaves around the base of the branch and place some pens near-by.  Ask your guests to take a leaf and write down what they're thankful for, then have them place their leaf on the tree.  Love it!

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This "wild turkey" is made out of things you find in your own backyard.  It's a fun project for the kids while they're off from school for the holiday next week.  A little Elmer glue, pebbles, leaves, bark, etc. and you have a precious piece of original artwork.  It can be framed and placed on your mantel or in your center-piece.

After looking at these pictures, I'm already looking forward to decorating for Thanksgiving next year...that is, if we're home for it.


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