Nov 15, 2011

Online Design Magazines

Recently I've stumbled upon several awesome online design magazines that are totally free and require no sign-ups, no loging-in, nada...  Just go to the provided link and browse away, flipping through pages at your own speed and book-marking as desired.  My two favorite things about online magazines: 1) they have embedded links you can click on that will take you directly to the source of the products that are featured and 2) they are friendly to the environment (no printing = no wasted paper and toxic ink).  LOVE that!  Oh, and did I mention that they're FREE?!?

Here are 4 of my favorites to take a gander at...most of them have holiday editions available, including festive decorating ideas and wonderful gift suggestions.

1) Adore Home Magazine - this gem of a glossy is an Australian publication but this issue happens to feature New York, which is a little closer to home for most of us.

Click here to access Adore Home Magazine.

Something else that's wonderful - you can subscribe to this free publication.  Enter your email here and you'll be notified when a new issue is available.

2) House of Fifty - this publication was founded by a sublimely gifted Oregon designer, Janell, who is the mastermind behind the fabulous Isabella & Max Rooms and House of Fifty blogs.  I love her blogs and her magazine, which is released several times a year.

Click here to access House of Fifty.

You can subscribe to Janell's future magazine releases here.

3) The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson - a fabulous gift guide created by a team working with the one-of-a-kind Emily Henderson, who won HGTV's Design Star last year.  She has amazing style and and a super fun personality that shines through all her work.  The magazine is posted to her blog, Style by Emily Henderson.

Click here to access The Holiday Guide.

If you haven't already, you must check out Emily's show on HGTV - Secrets From a Stylist.  It will make you smile!

4) Finally, Lonny Magazine releases a new publication every two months.

Click here to access Lonny Magazine.

You can also find tons of archived issues of Lonny Magazine here.  (Note: In order to link to sources in Lonny Magazine, you click on the picture and select "buy" for it to take you to the item of interest's website.)

I've probably given you days (and maybe weeks) worth of great inspired reading and looking!  Don't forget to eat, sleep, bathe, work, and love on your family.  I promise, these magazines will be available online for a good while. Please enjoy!  -Kristen


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