Nov 25, 2011

A Dream Christmas Wish List

On this Black Friday, I'm happy to say that our Christmas shopping is completely done!  We forged the shopping malls early this year and boy, oh boy, are we ever so happy that we did.  For those of you shopping today, have heart!  I hear the post-Thanksgiving internet sales are fantastic this year, so you may even save some money.

Because we've already completed our shopping, I decided I'd share a dream wish list with you because it has some beautiful things on it that you may like as well.  My husband is making fun of me because I'm sending you "my" wish list, but I explained to him that we like to collaborate to make sure we're not missing out on anything.  Disclaimer: Most (ok, all...) of the items are a bit over the top.  Why is it that our wish list gets so much more expensive as we get older?  A girl can always dream, right?!?

These super cute Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses ($170) can be found at Sunglass Hut.  I stopped by the store the other day to try on a few pairs of Ray-Bans, my go-to brand for quality sunglasses, and surprisingly I ended up liking this D&G pair better than any other pair in the store.  They're stylish and chic but practical because they're polarized (a must for true sun protection) and wrap around the face well.

This beauty of a hand-bag is the Florence ($199 British pounds or, sadly, $313 US dollars) by Modalu London, the British brand recently made famous by the super-chic Middleton sisters, who have impeccable taste if I do say so myself.  I haven't seen them model this bag, but if I chose one to splurge on this would be it.  It's the perfect size to hold an extra diaper or two, has a detachable shoulder strap for practicality, is a neutral color that will go with everything, and has a wonderful texture about it with the woven leather and sturdy studded strap.  Oh, and it has outside pockets to stash keys, chapstick, a cell phone, and the occasional teething ring.

Hello, Gorgeous!  I want to get a pair of these Megan strappy sandals ($140) in "Oscar gold" from Banana Republic and display them on a shelf or something.  Ok, true confessions, I might wear a pair of dressy heels once or twice a year - for a wedding or an anniversary dinner - but if I had these, I would find a way to wear them more.  I tend to gravitate to the classic little black dress, or maybe another solid-colored ensemble for special occasions.  These shoes would definitely punch it up a other accessories required.  I might just forget that I crawl around barefooted on the floor with a toddler all day.

This Jewelry Tree ($70) from Red Envelope is crafted of brass and finished in beautiful satin nickel with lots of sturdy branches for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, plus a solid mango-wood base for holding watches and rings.  You can even get it personalized with a classy silver-plated monogram.  Sculptural + practical = fabulous!

So, I have to admit that I never (again NEVER) would have thought that a camera would be on my Christmas wish list, but I am officially a mom now so I guess it makes sense.  (I know my own mom is laughing at this right now!)  This Canon Powershot s95 is "last year's model" but is raking in better reviews than Canon's newer s100 model due to it's better battery life.  My camera-savvy brother in law has one of these puppies so I've been able to play with it and see the results of his great shots, which has sold me on it 100 times over.  The even better news about the s95 being last year's model is that it's now $100 off it's original price, at a much more affordable $299 on

Another item I never fathomed being on my Christmas wish list - a sewing machine?!?!  Not just any sewing machine, the Brother PC-420 ($414 on gets stellar reviews from Consumer Reports and a 5-star rating on  My most favorite features include: advanced needle-threading system and automatic thread trimming, automatic reverse/reinforcement stitch, needle stop position control, multiple sewing speeds, 294 utility and decorative stitches (including 3 lettering stitches), and a 25-year limited warranty.  That should be all I need to sew curtain panels and decorative pillow covers, right?

Ok, I give you permission to laugh...because I have a sofa on my wish list...ha, ha, ha.  But come on, isn't she a beauty?  This is the Lounge 93" Sofa from Crate & Barrel in a lovely Otter Microfiber, and there are several other colors to pick from (I love the Walnut shade, too).  Not only is it huge for lots of "lounging" for which it's name, it's also got great contemporary lines and is covered in durable family-friendly fabric.  And, you can get this couch go with any style - traditional, modern, eclectic, name it.  I rarely would consider spending this much money on new furniture thanks to my Craig's List conversion, but one of the few pieces that is worth the splurge is a good quality sofa because of all the wear and tear it gets over the years. That's how I justify it, at least.

And, now, for the car on my wish list....just kidding.  I must mention that over all these beautiful things, my ultimate gift wish is a healthy and happy family, full of love for each other and love for the Lord, who is the true reason for the Season.  Amen to that!  -Kristen


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