Mar 15, 2013

Just Add Sunshine! Light-Sensitive Paint Project

How adorable is this pillow cover?

I spotted it in an articled entitled "10 Things to Do With a White Pillow Cover" in this month's edition of HGTV Magazine (Apr 2013), and just knew I had to share it with you guys as an easy DIY weekend project.

Here's how to make your very own light-sensitive paint pillow cover:

Lumi Inkodye Solution (can be purchased on the Lumi website, 4 oz. bottle of dye for $12)
Skeleton Keys (above keys are from Amazon, 10 keys for $7)
White Cotton Pillow Cover (20"x20" RITVA cushion cover from Ikea for $7)
Lots of Sunshine (Free!)

1. Paint on Lumi Inkodye Solution with large paint brush in a room not exposed to sunlight.

2. Run your pillow cover outside, lay it outside on a dry flat surface with full exposure to the sun, and immediately place keys on top.

3. Let keys sit on cover for 10-20 minutes (see dye package for instructions), and then remove keys to reveal the white fabric beneath.

4. Wash pillow cover 2-3 times with regular laundry detergent to remove all unexposed dye.

5. Display for all to see!

There are so many items that would work great for this project - cookie cutters, foam cut-outs from a craft store, letter magnets, name it.  Options are limitless!  How cute are these other projects with light-sensitive paint below?



The inspiration wheels are cranking...ideas swarming.  I've got to get some of this dye.  Anyone else totally in on this fun project idea?  Have you ever used light-sensitive paint?


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