Mar 22, 2013

Art That Speaks to You

Ever come across a piece of artwork that seems to speak to you?  No...I'm not saying it literally "speaks to you"...but it stirs something inside of you.  It means something to you.  It transports you to another time or place. That's what the below painting did for me.
Girl in the Yellow Suit, by Lisa Golightly (via)

Art is very personal, very taste-specific, so I'm guessing not everyone loves it as much as I do.  And, that's totally OK with me, because I know I love it.  You see, this little girl reminds me so much of myself as a child.  The same hair (cut and color), the same build, the same love for the beach, the love for all things yellow (I think I had or should have had that suit at some point)!  I think it's me but in a painting.  Sounds crazy, but I think that's why I love it so much!  And, the fact that I now have my own little girl who adores swimming also makes it more special to me.

You can check out more awe-inspiring art by Lisa Golightly on her Etsy shop {here}.  True confessions...I bought the above print for myself as an early birthday gift!

Has a piece of artwork ever stopped you in your tracks?  Why did you love it so?


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