Dec 7, 2012

Warm & Cozy Spaces

As the depths of Winter approach, are you looking for a place to snuggle in?  How about some of these cozy but beautiful spaces?  Get a cup of hot chocolate, close your eyes, and imagine you were here...


Usually, I prefer bright and colorful spaces but something about the moody, earth-toned hues of these rooms really draw me in with their warmth and richness.

Which featured space would you like to be a part of your home?  Any colors or items from these rooms really calling your name???  (I'm totally digging the rug in room #1, the leather chesterfield sofa in room #2, the coral accents in room #3, the combination of grays in room #4, and the light fixture in room #5 - I'll take one of each!)


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Love, love, love the dining area with the fireplace - so cozy!!!!

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