Dec 21, 2012

Sweet & Salty Chocolate Toffee Crackers

Holy Smokes, these are so stinkin' good!  A great digression from the classic Christmas cookie, if you ask me.  The recipe came from one of my mom's friends - we tested it out and subsequent batches have been made!

As if any of us need even one ounce of extra sugar in us right now...I know.  There are so many different names for these guys, but I'm calling them Sweet & Salty Chocolate Toffee Crackers and here's how to make 'em:

Can you tell I'm a little short on time?  It's not because I don't love you...  The way I see it, why type it all out if you can take a snap shot and post it as an image??? :)

Below, you can see that we used the circular Saltines instead of the classic squares.  The squares would be easier for spreading'd loose less of the chocolate and toffee goodness.

 Can't you just taste them already?!?!

Hope you have a peaceful pre-Christmas weekend!  From our family to yours, have a very merry Christmas filled with wonder, hope, and joy.


molly.stowers said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We made these this year too! so good--recipe from Paul's family. Yolu're right, the square saltines fit the pan perfectly, easy for spreading, and then just have to break them apart. yummy!

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