Dec 17, 2012

No Words.

No words.  That's me today.  My heart is still reeling and going 500 mph as it aches for the families in Connecticut (and Oregon too).  I can't seem to form any useful words, so I'll leave you to read two posts of fellow bloggers who wrote really touching, heart-felt posts today.

Emily of Emily A. Clark - her post is {here}


Dana of House*Tweaking - her post is {here}

In the midst of this, all I can do is try to love my little girl all-the-more and be so much more graceful in the way I approach everything and everyone.  I'm praying especially hard for all you moms with little ones in school...I don't have to face that yet, but someday I will.


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm SO GLAD the last day of school was Friday for us. I just don't think I could have sent my little boy today. I'm praying my fear and anxiety have abated a bit by the time he has to go back.
The thought of those families who have lost someone just days before Christmas is heartbreaking. But every time I think of those parents who lost a child the same age as my son, it takes my breath away. It's so emotional, even with it being so far away and with complete strangers. Those could be our kids and the thought is excruciating.
I pray all day that God can give them strength and lessen the unimaginable pain, because I just don't know if it would be strong enough for me.
My heart just hurts all day for them.

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