Oct 9, 2012

Fall Printable and Ribbon Pumpkins

I am anything but decorated for Fall.  No cute pumpkins carved on the porch, no Halloween candy in the house, and almost no costume plans for my little one.  (Thankfully our dear neighbors stepped in and let us borrow a cute ladybug costume!)  October just crept up on me and is keeping us busy each and every weekend.  Hopefully I can breathe (and decorate!) once November rolls around...

On that note, I decided to fix up one small spot in our house for a girls' get-together I hosted last night.  Thanks to some pretty Fall leaves and two easy projects from last year, this one side-table is decorated:

The "Happy Fall Y'all" image can be printed out by clicking on the image below, then saving to your desktop and printing (the resolution is good up to an 8"x10").  Unfortunately, the original source of the image - "It's a Crafty Life" blog - is no longer in commission.

Quickie instructions on the ribbon pumpkins can be found {here}.  Mind you, I originally blogged about them before I broke down craft projects into steps.  They're darling and super easy to make, though.

Anyone else find it difficult to get decorated for Halloween/Fall this year?  I've got to at least get some pumpkins for our porch...time is running out, but I have a cool pumpkin decorating idea I've got to make happen sometime soon!


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Those ribbon'd pumpkins are Cute!

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