Oct 5, 2012

Kitchen Craving

On this fine Fall day, I thought I'd share an inspiring kitchen with you.  Isn't this the prettiest and most unique kitchen space?!?

While I love the entire space, here are my favorite highlights for this kitchen...

1) Circle Window - Circles are my favorite shape, I admit.  Often they suggest a port hole of sorts, but this one doesn't scream nautical at all, and its large size makes it modern in a fresh, inviting way.

2) Vaulted Ceiling - Rarely do you see a vaulted ceiling in a kitchen, and even more rarely in a kitchen that's not over-the-top ostentatious.  This ceiling is a show stopper and I love that they painted the feature color on the ceiling, vice the walls.

3) Wall-Mounted Plates - My husband makes fun of me for this one, because he thinks its "old-fashioned".  I love plates, and I love when you can use them for serving as well as use them for decor on the wall!  And, the plates in this kitchen perfectly complement the window.

4) Industrial Pendants - The metal pendants complement the stainless vent hood - adding that tasteful dose of metallic accents to the space and keeping it from looking too "country".

5) Apron Sink - I'll never get tired of this look!  It's a dash of vintage in a mostly contemporary space.

6) Subway Tile Backsplash - Another classic that will NEVER go out of style, the subway tiles go with any design aesthetic.  I only wish they had carried them all the way over and all the way up the wall the stove sits on in this kitchen (admittedly, not as budget savvy...).

7) Painted Door - I'm big into painted doors lately.  White walls with black trim and doors are a recent favorite of mine.  The green door in this space serves as a major focal point without the major commitment.  Simply repaint when your taste transforms!  Much easier than repainting an entire room...

What are your favorite features in this kitchen?  What would you do differently?  Do you like the circle window?  Please share with us!


Makaila said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have to admit, I look at that photo and all I see is that fantastic white pedestal (cake?) on the counter. I love it!! :)

Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oooh, I'm totally loving the lampshade and chair cushions. It's like a modern grandma kitchen. :o)

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