Jul 17, 2014

To the Window to the Wall

We're talking wallpaper today, friends!  Come on now, what was your guess with a post title like that??

Large scale wallpapers are HUGELY popular now (ha ha).  Long ago are the wallpapers of the 80s with dainty little pastel flowers...may they rest in renovated peace.  I'm suddenly feeling the design urge to go the wallpaper "look" route on an accent wall in my entryway/foyer.  I'm crazy, I know, but these rooms below are just so inspiring.  They make me want to jump on the crazy train!








So, after that visual circus, you may ask what space I'm working with and what direction I'm going with this wallpaper "look" notion.  Here's the entry - the wall to the left is my target wall (the wall the door is on).

Now here's the catch...with the house being a rental and me being noncommittal when it comes to more-permanent decor options, I wouldn't actually wallpaper the accent wall.  I'd make a stencil that would look like a large print wallpaper, and then paint the design on.

Here's the large scale wallpaper design that's giving me inspiration right now for a stencil job:

What do you think?  It's sort of a sunshine shape in relief.  Not sure what color I'd do - chalkboard black would be nice and graphic.  Dark gray would be more subdued like above.  Navy blue would match the powder bath situated across from that wall.  What would be your recommendation for the color?

So, should I give it a whirl, friends?  Come on, I need your advice!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the large scale graphics and all that bold color! I vote a little darker grey for your stencil project. It will take a while to do, but will be easy to paint over later. I would love to help! Our Annie Sloan store here also has a lattice bee stencil that I love. It would look awesome too. Go Kristen! Do it!!! Your Biggest Cheerleader/mom

Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oooh, navy! I've always wanted to do wallpaper. A small bathroom would be fun. But it gets such a bad rap for being hard to hang, so I've never attempted it.

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