Jul 31, 2014

Ikea Got it Right Again

I haven't been to Mecca...I mean Ikea...for a while now.  But, I just received their new catalog in the mail the other day and love so many items that were featured.  It's a good thing it takes me an hour to get there, otherwise I'd have already gone and justified purchasing things that were never intended to go in my house.

Here are my recent Ikea faves:

item links: coatrack / pillow / lamp / vases / rug / sofa

My most favorite items need a house with pretty classical features like crown moulding and wood floors to carry the more modern pieces and keep them from looking too cheeky and youthful.

Perhaps an uber dreamy room just like this...

A space like that elevates contemporary Ikea pieces to masterpiece status.  Add a few vintage items and antiques to the mix and you end up with a sophisticated, timeless look.  Don't you think?

Have you liked anything new at Ikea latey?  Do tell!


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