Jul 10, 2014

Get the Look for Less : Starburst Sputnik Chandelier

I have a love/hate relationship with sputnik style chandeliers.  They're one of the most "dated" chandeliers of all time - they totally scream mid-century modern style more than any other fixture from that time period.  BUT, I simply cannot help but love them too.  They're so fun and flashy and vibrant and modern.  I love mid-century modern style (right now) but I can't help but wonder what we'll collectively think of it as a design trend 10 years from now.

All that being said, I'm definitely drawn to the more sophisticated, less in-your-face-mid-century look of the starburst sputnik.  It's still a "sputnik" but it seems more graceful and more updated for some reason...probably because it's a more contemporary take on the older more traditional sputnik chandelier.  It sort of reminds me of a pretty sea urchin.  You can see how lovely they are in these spaces:

Here's the "Get the Look for Less" part that could really save you money...granted you will have to forgo a few bulbs if you go the "save" route.  (How many bulbs do you really need to light up a room anyway??)

                                                              sources: splurge |  save

The Stimulight Etsy shop makes several versions of the starburst, including ones with more lights, one with crystal beads on the ends of the spikes (like the nursery room above), and one with colored beads on the end like I used in this nursery inspiration board {here}.

So there you have it - a far more affordable option for those of you who dig a pretty starburst sputnik like myself! So friends, what do you think?  Is a starburst sputnik a design "do" or a design "don't"?


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